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 Victor Van-Dort

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Victor Van-Dort


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PostSubject: Victor Van-Dort   Mon Jun 15, 2015 5:02 am


Victor Van-Dort


Victor Van Dort (The Corpses Bride)



Family members:

Mother + Father (Presumably Alive/Contact lost) Waifu Victoria (Alive)


MPT (Miscellaneous powers and talent)


(Passive) Energy Absorption/Neutralisation

Description of superpower:

(Dis gonna be long)
Victor Absorbs Energy. All sorts of energy. Like, Literally ALL forms of energy.

Kenetic – If he gets hit, by say a fist, there is no rebound, the body doesn't register a sudden lack of momentum, it just, ceases to be moving, Until drawn back. Swords, Blades and Piercing objects and such weapons fall into the same conditions, the attacker's body will simply accept the it's no longer moving and the Blade doesn't pierce. Bullets simply stop and fall to the ground, aside the initial heat and pressure deformation, no damage is done to them. Moving things stop. Pretty quickly.

Radiation – He absorbs an AoE and will completely absorb the radioactivity of an item upon directly contact.

Electricity – Pretty boring. It just goes into him. Same as Radiation, he will absorb any open source of Electricity i.e batteries, touch-screens, fuseboxes...

Heat –  he absorbs heat of an object from the furtherest point to him.

Light - Solid light like lasers and inferred don't go through him and struggle to go around him like they normally would.

It sometimes will fluctuate and encompass object he's in direct contact with i.e. clothes or a fork (how else would he able to fend off a sword like he does in the movie)

Congrats on getting this far  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven Go you  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  , now for the downsides (or at least restrictions) of his powers.
His weaknesses are Corrosives and Poisons. Despite absorbing energy, none of it returns to him so he also still needs to breath and eat and sleep.
He can't actively hurt others, his power won't stop a heart, or a life-support machine, or a plane in flight, and he can't punch worth anything.
He thought he can no longer play the piano (horray for kinetic absorption).


Kind, creative, curious and, whilst better then he was, Victor is still shy and startles easy.
Not so easy is to get him angry as his temper is very not short (long temper just doesn't sound... right?...)
He tends to be more of an ear in social situations and just sort of blanks out in arguments though if you ask him to repeat he will know everything that was said.


After the Corpse Bride incident, he and his newly-wed wife Victoria decided to move away from their small town and into the modern world to start their new life. And of course it was also the perfect time for Victors ability to start erratic development. Turns out going back and forth from the underworld isn't good for the living. whoda thunk?
After some time, and more development, Victor and Victoria decided that he should remain home and be a house husband while Victoria made a name for herself in computer engineering.


As a creative he generally has some form of painting/drawing/sketching on hand.

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Victor Van-Dort
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