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 Fred Sanders

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Fred Sanders


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PostSubject: Fred Sanders   Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:28 pm

Complete Name:
Fredrik Sanders

Fred (Big Hero 6)


Family members:
Father & Mother

MPT (Miscellaneous powers and talent)


Power Negation

Description of superpower:
Basically, Fred’s ability allows him to either weaken or nullify the powers of others, making them unable to utilize their powers as long as they are under the his affect. And while Fred has managed to understand how most part of his powers work, there are still times where it would seem his abilities in itself has a mind of it’s own. Sometimes he can accidentally start to nullify one's powers just by touch, on different occasion his mere presence seems to have a certain effect, or some days he can’t even seem to get his powers to work. It mostly depends on his mood or current state of mind, but it’s rarely ever a problem due to his relaxed and laid-back personality. As long as he remembers how to focus, that is.

Carefree, optimistic, zany, and random (as most of his friends and acquaintances would describe him with). Fred is incredibly eccentric, a little too loud and childish at times, but still extremely sweet and compassionate. He’s a laid-back young man with no direction, one who can sit back and look upon the brighter side of things. Some might get annoyed with his random tendencies and overly friendly nature, and even stample him as ’stupidly naive’ when he shows no problem of putting his trust in certain things or people. It’s not that Fred’s dumb or blind, he just focuses on the good things rather than bad. While he’s oblivious to some things, he has his moments of being more observant than most and taking notice of things the rest would miss or overlook. Again, while he might not be the brightest, Fred often knows way more than what he lets on.

Fred wasn't born in what you could describe as a 'normal family': his family was awfully rich, but that wasn't the point. Both his parents were UN agents, really important UN agents. And if that wasn't enough, they had special powers too: his mother had mind control, his father was an earth bendender. There were great expectations over Fred since the day he was born. Fred, however, didn't seem to care much, not even when he was only a child. And it didn't look like he had any kind of special power either. Now, his parents did love him, it's not like they would toss him away for such a thing... but they were both competitive people that cared a lot about success in life and, no matter how much they could love him, they didn't like what Fred was. Not that Fred cared: they loved him, he loved them, it was enough for him. Fred wasn't competitive, he didn't care about showing off, he didn't like competitions. Much to his parents's disappointment, sports were for him just a way to make friends, not somewhere to shine showing how better he was. Fred showed this kind of attitude more or less everywhere: sports, school, even the way he dressed... he didn't brag about who he was, he didn't want to shine! He was smart, but his grades were barely acceptable, he had an armchair full of expensive clothes, but he wore only sloppy tshirts. And what was most surprising was: he was absolutely happy and carefree. His parents had lived all their lives with such diligence that they just didn't know what to think, and with the fact that Fred had shown no special power during his whole life they had almost give up on him. Until one day: Fred's father was training in the garden, giving a demonstration of his powers to some other UN agents and Fred had been invited. Fred couldn't say he was loving the experience, but he didn't want to hurt his father's feeling and leave. But the something weird happen: all of a sudden, while his father was raising a huge amount of rocks, his power suddenly stopped working. The man found himself buried under the rocks, Fred ran to ask for help and only then his father's earthbending actually started working again. That was a sign: Fred did have something! Both parents couldn't be happier to find out, even if the power was, in their eyes, quite disappointing (just a negation power), it was still better than nothing! They managed to convice Fred to join a training center for people with special power, managing to convince him to become an agent like them. Fred wasn't thrilled by the idea, but he didn't want to disappoint them... and after all, he didn't really have other plans, and meeting up with new people with cool superpowers could always be fun!

- A monster/comics/manga/movie/game-lover. Fred’s never been ashamed of his ’unhealty little obsessions’ as some would call it. To him, those where simply his sort of entretainment.
-Giving out nicknames is Fred’s own way of showing affection. Or make things funnier and way less serious. Or just for the heck of it. Nicknames and codenames are fun.
-Has apparently a talent when it comes to sketching and drawing. Although for him, it's just a means of relaxation.
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Fred Sanders
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