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 Lucille paradis

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Lucille Paradis


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PostSubject: Lucille paradis   Tue Jun 23, 2015 5:48 pm

Lucille Paradis

Lucille from a monster in paris


Family members:
She doesn't have contact with her family anymore



Description of superpower:
she can make people see wonderful things but can also let people see their biggest fears. She usually used her powers to give those who came to see her show a magical feeling as they listened to her songs.

Lucille is Strong-willed, feisty but polite, independent and a bit dramatic. She is also Loyal to those she let come close to her and is a good friend. She wants to help people but can't stand people who lie to her or judge others before knowing them. If she is your friend she would help you out with anything and can be very sweet.

Lucille always dreamed of being a singer. The pretty clothes, the stage, the fame it all seemed wonderful for her. After she left her family and came to Paris she met a man who said he could make her famous as he gave her a place in his team. It was fun when she started but after a while she knew the man only helped her and the others in the team for the money. One day Lucille heard someone knocking on the door. It was a gifted man who had the ability to shape shift but something seemed wrong. He didn't had a place to stay and was unable to shape back to his normal form. Lucille took him in and hid him for her boss with all the consequences that would come with it. the others found out and were scared for the reaction of their boss but Lucille couldn't help herself and helped her friend out as she gave him an outfit that would make him look more normal and used her powers at the show giving them all a magical feeling as she changed the world around everyone during the song. after the show she realized that maybe she could help more people out and decided to quit her job and leave to the trainings center.

-Shes a singer
-she can speak a little french since she lived in paris
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Lucille paradis
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