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 Room C-022: Is Flynn here? {TAG Reno}

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Flynn Rider


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PostSubject: Re: Room C-022: Is Flynn here? {TAG Reno}   Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:07 pm

Flynn chuckled a bit as his sister's over protectiveness attitude had came out due to Reno's remark making him a bit annoyed. His sister had her moments as well, so Flynn didn't really feel all that bad about him being protective of his sister mostly. He glanced down at his sister as she hugged his waist, giving her a slim smile. "I'll get along with him if you keep you distance." he remarked with a light nod of his head. Hazel eyes then turned their attention back onto the red head, gazing at Reno in amusement. "As a sister, she's a handful." he sighed out heavily, giving his sister a playful grin. "I rather you not do anything really with my sister."
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Rosetta Rider


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PostSubject: Re: Room C-022: Is Flynn here? {TAG Reno}   Thu Jul 02, 2015 12:00 pm

At Reno's reply she lifted an eyebrow, actually curious of who else the boy had met able to do such a thing... but this wasn't the moment to ask and she decided to let go. She didn't comment on what he said next, instead she just turned toward Flynn, still hugging his waist, and nodded "That's a deal, then" At his remark on how she was a handful, she sticked out her tongue to him "You're no piece of cake either" she commented before stepping on her toes and quickly kiss Flynn's nose "well, guess I should go now, bye bye boys" she greeted with a playful smile both of them, quickly moving toward the door: she wanted to do some shopping that afternoon and if she wanted to make it in time... she'd better hurry!
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Room C-022: Is Flynn here? {TAG Reno}
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