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 Training starting & other announcements

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PostSubject: Training starting & other announcements   Wed Jul 01, 2015 5:23 pm

Hello lovely people!
So, I'm here to give you some important announcement:

  1. THE TRAINING WILL START ON JULY 10TH (next friday).
    So yeah, training finally starts! Very Happy
    Sorry for the slow starting but we hope you enjoyed this free time for your characters... and seeing how many posts you've posted, I'd dare to say you have Wink

    ps: IMPORTANT!!! TO ALL TRAINERS!!! Please check the announcements for trainers from your trainer account as soon as you can.

    Seeing how more or less every location has been already used and how maybe some more might come in handy, I'm doing a bit of "reorganization" and decided to open a poll HERE
    You are invited to suggest more locations as well as to vote for the ones you might want in the game.

    ps: some of you may notice that the 4th floor of the Dormitories has been removed, that's cause it was a pretty useless locations and I figured trainers and headmasters would prefer to have their own dormitory without being disturbed by the younglings xP

    Since the rp started so well, but we are lacking some dicks *cough* I mean guys in the game, well, we are giving some incentives in creating one! XD
    So, if you want a forth character and it
    - is a male
    - has a power that would put him in is in TMRL, PSA, ECM, IRTS (to be decided with the admins cause we don't wanna over-populate just one of those section and leave the other desert)

    you can request him having  at least 25 actions with each of your characters (instead of 50) and a total of at least 100 actions instead of 200. You also just have to hand in the complete profile instead of an audition (so no fanfiction or video, after all we already saw how you rp xP) and you don't have to wait the canonic 2 months. (obviously, this applies only to people already in the rp)

ps: we want also everyone to know that the levels and roommate lists are again up to date x3 For the roommates, Mavis and Lucille will just have to wait for some 'fresh meat' xP
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Training starting & other announcements
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