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 Yazoo Crescent

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Yazoo Crescent


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PostSubject: Yazoo Crescent   Sat Jul 04, 2015 6:58 am

Yazoo Crescent

Yazoo from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children


Family members:
Mother (Deceased), Father, Younger Sister (Kadaj)


Super Resistance

Description of superpower:
Yazoo has the ability to withstand environments most humans couldn't.  Extreme temperatures, radiation, ect.  He rarely if ever gets sick due to his powers.

Yazoo is very playful and mischevious, but never in a malicious way.  He is outgoing, friendly and generally very kind to others, as well as forward about things.  If you give his sister trouble though he will not hesitate to give you a piece of his mind and to go to a higher authority if things are serious enough.

Yazoo is the older of two siblings in the Crescent family.  He has very little memory of his mother as she died giving birth to his younger sibling.  It took a long time before Yazoo realized he had powers.  Though it had been noted as strange that he never got sick, it had been disregarded as him simply having a strong immune system.  It wasn't until he got caught in a snowstorm with Kadaj that it became clear he could withstand conditions most couldn't.  When the two of them were found, Kadaj was wrapped up in both their jackets while Yazoo was simply wearing everyday clothes with no winter wear and seemed unaffected by the temperature.  Yazoo found out about Elite through a chat board for people with powers.  Thinking it might help his younger sibling, he made arrangements to join, encouraging his sibling to as well.

Yazoo is pescatarian.
Named after the british synthpop duo with the same name.  His parents were fans.
Yazoo is skilled at gymnastics and has some knowledge of acrobatics.
Yazoo is bisexual.  He doesn't hide it, but he doesn't flaunt it either.
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Yazoo Crescent
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