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 Anna Blake

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Anna Blake


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PostSubject: Anna Blake   Sun Jul 05, 2015 4:50 pm

Anna Blake (prefers Blake)

Anna from Frozen


Family members:
Thomas Blake (father)



Description of superpower:
The ability to conjure up images and sounds that deceive by producing a false or misleading impression of reality. A false mental image and/or sound produced by misinterpretation of things that may or may not actually exist.

Her abilities are facilitated by her mental focus and emotions, the more focused and calm she is the stronger the illusion. Her powers can fizzle under emotional distress such as depression or intense stress. Because her powers are illusions they are slight bends on reality but she has not yet mastered the physical presence of her illusions. You can see and hear them but touch so far is a no go as a person can phase through them.

- Headstrong
- Down to Earth
- Creative
- Independant
- Spunky
- Sassy

Anna was born to a small household in the city, her mother and father were newlyweds. Her birth wasn't planned but it was a joyous occasion none the less. She was a happy little girl up until she was 4 years old and something strange began to happen. She was beginning to develop her powers as she began letting her imagination develop. Soon her childish wonderland of imagination began to actually take shape in reality. The result was a great divide between her parents which eventually soon led to a divorce. Her mother's intense negative reaction to her daughters powers drove Anna into a great depression which resulted in the temporary dissolvement of her powers. Anna eventually forgot about her powers remembering them as nothing more than childish fantasies. From there onward Anna's life took a well worn road, as the only child in a broken home she began acting out around others trying to keep them at arms length the only person she really cared for was her own father. That and her grappling realization of her own sexuality left her lashing out at the world. A delinquent for most of her teenage years it wasn't until she was tagging the side of her school building that her powers resurfaced.

In a brilliant display of colour the graffiti peeled off the wall and begun to dance around her. This was a needless to say shocking experience that left her with questions which she took to her father. When it was explained to her what happened Anna had a minor freak out but the two settled down. Anna was going to be 18 soon so that meant she would have to choose whatever kind of life she wanted for herself. Her father having keeping tabs on stuff like this since she was little knew of once place where her powers could be honed and used for good. Anna was introduced to Elite for the first time, she did her research and for a girl like her with bad grades and the beginnings of what could turn into a rap sheet if she didnt turn her life around a place like Elite was the perfect solution. She registered up with Elite at 17, and celebrated her 18th birthday and her new life on the island which was to be her new home.

- Is actually a big softy at heart but hides it under a tough girl exterior
- Has her own version of a pinkie promise "cross my heart, hope to die. promise you, I will never lie"
- Lesbian.
- Totally has a collection of scifi junk she hides under her bed so she can pretend she does not have an inner nerd
- Her motto is 'To the death!' and goes into any training session or fight full throttle.
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Anna Blake
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