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 Welcome, New Agents! {RP starts on June 19th}

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PostSubject: Welcome, New Agents! {RP starts on June 19th}   Sun May 17, 2015 11:53 pm

The first auditions have arrived, and people have begun registering on the forum. As such, there are a few things you newcomers should know. Here is a little explanation of everything you guys can do before the first event takes place and we all start RPing! Smile

  • The very first thing you should do when notified that you have been accepted into the roleplay is this: register you character with name and surname (yes, the surname is mandatory, for more clarifications on the matter please check the FAQ section)

  • feel free to send a still image of your character to Bleedgirl, if you want to decide what image should be in your avatar, and she will make it into an avatar for you. Make sure it is not too close up, as we try to keep the frame similar throughout them all (make sure that in the image you pick we can clearly see the top of the head and the hair of the characters with no pieces missing, as well as a good portion of the chest). We will have your avatar done as soon as possible! Smile (keep in mind that, if you don't send one, we will provide to make one with an image we pick ourselves within a couple of days)

  • Create your character profile. Fill it out with all the necessary information you want to share about your character! Full name, age and power are strict requirements. "Level" should not be filled in, as that will be decided and filled in for you by us, the admins.

  • Post your audition in the Gallery. If you auditioned with a video, post it in the videos section, and if you auditioned with a fanfiction, post it in the fanfiction section. This is so everyone can get to know your character like we, the admins, do Smile

  • Go introduce yourself in the Introduction section! We would love to know a little bit about you! Smile

  • If you haven't done so yet, (and you should have Razz) please go read the rules: "Informations And Rules"
    additionally, you should read those FAQs we wrote about questions and doubts many people seemed to have: "FAQs"

What you cannot do is start roleplaying just yet. That does not mean you cannot start plotting, however. Use The Plot Brothel or plan between yourselves. Most importantly, you should decide your roommate(s). The dorm rooms have rooms for 2 or 3 people. If you are interested in knowing more about the dorms, rooms and roommates you can check this topic: "Dormitories  Descriptions & Roommates list"

If you have any specific requests about who you want as your roommate, you can let us know before the first event has started. This needs to be agreed upon by the other roommate(s) as well! If you have not done this by the time the first event starts, we will simply room you with someone we feel is fitting for your character.

We will have the first event start as soon as possible, and then the real fun can start! Please make sure that you have your character profile ready by then! Smile

UPDATE: We set a date for the beginning of the rp: June 19th!
To make sure none of you forget or miss it, we'll send you a pm a couple of days before to remind you Smile Get ready people, the fun is about to start!!!
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Welcome, New Agents! {RP starts on June 19th}
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