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 Karissa Breeze

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Karissa Breeze


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PostSubject: Karissa Breeze   Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:02 pm

Karissa Breeze {Kari would be fine too}

Kairi from kingdom hearts 1 & 2

17 years old

Family members:
She lived with a mother and father before moving on her own to the UN. She does text her mother mostly since she is more close to her mother than her father.

ECM (Elemental control and manipulation)

Air Bending

Description of superpower:
She can move control thing by air {with her hands} with her calm mind. Although she is simply making air balls and air shields with her hands, for now. She is willing to do more with her air power in order to be a UN agent. She first discovered this power when she was doing yoga on the beach near her beach home. She can sometimes do Yoga on a cloud silently. "No, I am not a child that was born in the air. It just came to me naturally when I was doing some yoga and I had to teach myself on how to to control it on my own."

Karissa is a very shy young woman when moving into a new place, such as the UN. Once you get to know her, she will be willing to help anyone in need, whether it's someone crying. When training to become an agent, she is quite serious, so, do not disturb her. She is one of those young women who is willing to listen whenever someone needs an ear to listen to. Karissa can be a little protective at times, especially with her friends in need.

When Kairi was back in her beach home {living with her parents}, she was scared to show off her power to anyone since she was either ashamed to think that people would call her a freak for having the power to air bend. She had no confidence in herself web No one else in the household had the same power as her so, she had to go someplace where she can learn more about her own power. When she got a notification on her computer about the UN, it did said that it was a special training center for people with gifted talents. The only catch that she got was that while she was there, she had to become an UN agent. She made a silent promise to herself that she will make that commitment to work hard to accomplish her goal. She did hear a quote from a radio spokesperson that "Air is a way to freedom.”

~She is shy around new people (especially guys)
~She loves doing Yoga to make herself feel calm and relaxed {which is another way to increase her power. It's a little slow}
~Doesn't mind sweets
~Likes to write on her laptop to her parents to see how they are doing
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Karissa Breeze
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