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 Cassie Tyler

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Cassie Tyler


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PostSubject: Cassie Tyler   Mon May 18, 2015 10:18 am

Cassie Tyler

Cassie Hamada (Big Hero 6)


Family members:
Two older brothers, a mother and a father

MPT (Miscellaneous powers and talent)


Negating powers

Description of superpower:
Cassie (Cass for short) can momentarily negate and supress another character's powers. The stronger the power, the harder it is to negate completely, and in many cases Cassie only manages to weaken the power. The negation can only be active whilst Cassie is present and conscious.

Cassie is quite bubbly and positive, but has been prone to mood swings. She feels things very strongly, and can quickly change from blissful calm to stress-eating panic. This is in large part due to her insecurities when it comes to her powers, but also when it comes to her as a person. She feels inadequate to most tasks, and is poor at hiding her feelings. She is very open and easily connects to other human beings, but needs validation and approval to feign security.

Cassie Tyler was born the youngest child of three, and always longed for the approval of her two older brothers. With them being quite a lot older than her, she was often left alone while they played with each other instead. Because she was the only one in her near family with powers, and they could only affect others with powers, it took quite a while before Cassie even realized them. Because of this she has had very little time to train and perfect them, and she still finds it difficult to do.
During her final years of college, Cassie met her best friend, who also had powers. It was only when said friend attempted to demonstrate her underwater breathing and nearly drowned, repeatedly, that Cassie caught on to what she could do. When the new training center for gifted talents started seeking future agents, Cassie hesitated out of fear, but was eventually convinced by her insistant need to gain approval and praise. Hopefully she could do something good here.

Cassie's first love ended badly, in infidelity
Cassie is allergic to peanuts
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Cassie Tyler
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