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 Penny Grave

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Penny Grave


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PostSubject: Penny Grave   Mon May 18, 2015 4:48 pm

Penny Grave

Penny (Bolt)

13 years old

Family members:
Mother, Sarah Grave, single parent.

BCM (Biological control and manipulation)


Animal Speech

Description of superpower:
Being new to talking to animals, her ability sometimes switches itself on and off. However, when her ability is usable, she seems to have no problem speaking and listening to most creatures. In addition, naturally most animals take a liking to her small and un-intimidating self and this creates the perfect attitude towards her to follow most commands. If only her power didn't shut itself off.

Penny, unlike most child stars, is kinder and has one hell of a sense of humour. She enjoys exciting things which is why she loved having the role of the main heroine on the TV show 'Bolt', as she got to mess about with many weird and wonderful gadgets. Most of the time Penny can deal with whatever life throws at her, but on the odd occasion that it is too much she tends to seclude herself away from people and stick to her animals instead. It is very rare to see Penny seriously mad, however sometimes she tends to mess with people and act mad, keeping herself in practice.

Penny lived happily with her mother despite her biological father taking off upon her mother's pregnancy. Her mother, Sarah, had made a point to make sure she was happy, wherever Penny was. However, true happiness had come to Penny at age 7 when her mother allowed her to audition for a small cameo in a popular show. Which created her love of acting, and also started her acting career. She featured many times in different aspects of the entertainment industry: movies, voice acting, television, even once taking part in a music video for a popular artist.
In her latest role in the television series 'Bolt', she became a popular subject for the media. The tabloids. This was due to her being one of the protagonists in 'Bolt', which was a major thing all over America, and the fact that the young actress had managed to worm her way in even though the character itself was 3 years younger than her. She was extremely happy despite the tabloids thoughts, and everything seemed to just be getting better. Until, one day after filming, she was taken by surprise that the dog, Bolt, could talk to her. She managed to have a full conversation with the dog before she ran off to tell someone what just occurred. The first person she had found was her manager, a man obsessed with money and popularity. She had explained to him that Bolt had spoken with her, but at first he did not believe her, until her mother showed up and simply accepted the fact her daughter could communicate with animals. Penny's manager, being the obsessive man he was, only saw positives in the girl's ability and wished to sell the idea to the media. Much to Penny's distress.
Penny was panicking to a major extent, before her mother had literally kicked her manager and all his ideas out of the room. Her mother explained that the ability was Penny's and she couldn't be forced to do anything about it. Instead of being forced to continue her acting career which may have shattered at any moment if her 'ability' got out, she was suggester to go to a center to train herself in her ability and other aspects. She had accepted this suggestion and quite willingly enrolled. Now she could only hope she didn't mess it up.
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Penny Grave
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