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 Pitch Black

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Pitch Black


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PostSubject: Pitch Black   Mon May 18, 2015 6:59 pm

Pitch Black

Pitch Black (Rise of The Guardians)


Family members:

ECM (Elemental control and manipulation)


Shadows manipulation

Description of superpower:
Controlling and manipulating shadows and darkness. Shadows cannot be created from nothing, as Pitch needs pre-existing shadows to manipulate.

Pitch is a loner, as he has always been. He thrives in darkness and horror, his humor is gruesome and dark, and he enjoys frightening other beings. He has always just found a sort of amusement in it, perhaps rooted in his childhood. Pitch can be callous and cold, never having had love as part of his life. However, he has never physically harmed another being. He is also firmly independant, having fetched for himself his entire life.

Pitch was born different, with sickly gray skin and piercing eyes. As a result, even his mother feared him, believing there to be something wrong. Although a single parent, she was ironically a very religious woman, and shunned Pitch. She was talked into keeping him by her mother, but she never developed any love for him, and Pitch grew up in a haze of hatred and fear. He learned to treasure the fear, as it was the only connection, the only reaction he ever got from her. It was also his way of staying in control, even as a child.
His mother grew more and more certain that Pitch was indeed a demon sent from Hell. Pitch was six years old when his mother finally decided to give him up, but knowing no adoption agency would want him, she instead led him to the woods and left him there to fend for himself. Eventually he escaped the dark woods, and survived off the food in dark back alleys, concealing himself with his powers, honing them, strengthening his skills by practising on innocent bypassers. Pitch holds no love for mankind, but nor does he hate them. Instead he lives on a different plane, watching the humans with apt indifference, only finding amusement in his own powers. It was this love for his own powers that convinced him to apply for the Elite Training Center.

Pitch has a dark, almost black, birthmark, roughly the shape of an apple (and the size of a tennis ball), on the left side of his waist.
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Pitch Black
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