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 Some of Them Want to Use You

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Cleo Hassan


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PostSubject: Some of Them Want to Use You   Wed Jul 29, 2015 3:27 am

“I still think this is a bad idea.”

Cleo wrapped her arms around herself. She didn’t look over at Nefera. She knew her sister would be sneering down at her again. That’s all she’d been doing since Cleo had told her about going to the island. Nefera had shut herself in her room after the talk for a couple of days. When she came out, she would keep saying, “How could you do this to their legacy?” or “What will everyone think of us now?”

“I’m helping people, Nef. That’s a good thing.” Cleo reminded her as they watched  the maids pack Cleo’s things. Her room was starting to look bare. Too big and too empty, like the rest of the house now. The canopy bed was stripped and the closets were hollowed, everything either put into a suitcase or into a box for storage.

“People are going to think our family’s all a bunch of freaks!” Nef sighed, rubbing her temples. “The press will have a field day—I can already see headlines now.”

I’m not a freak.”

Nefera had the decency to look ashamed. “Well, that’s how they’re going to spin it!” The older woman snapped her fingers and the maids cleared out immediately. Nefera closed the door behind them and faced Cleo, a frown splayed across her blue lips. “Cleo, have you even thought that people might think you killed them?”

Cleo’s jaw dropped. “But I wasn’t even there! I’ve never opened a portal that far, either!”

That doesn’t matter. All it takes is one wagging tongue and then it’s an interrogation.” Nef insisted. “They have no reason to trust you. They won’t want to, I think. They could tear you, and anyone like you, limb from limb.”

Cleo shook her head. “Nef, you’re being pessimistic.”

“I’m being realistic. That’s what mom and dad taught us, remember?” Nef sat down on the bare mattress, and patted the spot next to her. Cleo joined her, and leaned into her sister as her arm draped across Cleo’s shoulders. “There’s always going to be someone who wants to destroy you or use you, whether it’s your career, your life, or because of your powers. You’ve got to remember that.”

“I’m not stupid. I know to watch my back.” That she would remember no matter what. She’d had it repeated to her all her life, of course.

“Good.” Nefera smiled and patted Cleo’s head. “I guess so long as you don’t forget that…there won’t be too much damage to deal with.”

She stood up and started heading outside, but paused in the doorway. She turned her head and told Cleo, “If you’re going to do this, then don’t fuck it up.”

Cleo bit her lip and nodded. She waited until Nefera was gone before she ran to the door and closed it with trembling hands, before slumping against the cold wood.

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Some of Them Want to Use You
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