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 Theodore Wiggins

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Theodore Wiggins


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PostSubject: Theodore Wiggins   Tue May 19, 2015 2:05 pm

Theodore Wiggins
Wiggins is his mother's maiden name

Ted - the lorax


Family members:
Helen Wiggins (mother), Norma Wiggins (grandmother), (unknown father)

MPT (Miscellaneous powers and talent)

substance absorption

Description of superpower:
The power to absorb matter through physical contact.
Ted can turn his body into whatever substance he touches. He can absorb as much substance as it’s his body mass, Absorbing too much mass could cause him to become immobile or sink into the environment. He doesn't remember the substance in his body memory and to transform himself  is required the physical contact with the matter to absorb. He can reform if his body is damaged in any way while in altered form.
At the moment this ability is limited only to his left hand and occasionally to the whole arm due to his lack of experience.

Easy going and extrovert, Ted is not afraid to meet new people; most of the time he is the one who starts a conversation, unless the situation is something totally out of his league.
Ted has never been an exemplary student, focusing himself only on subjects that he liked and totally ignoring the others. He’s curious about the different qualities of the materials, especially solids. He has never tried to turn himself into something liquid or gaseous.
Most of the time he acts before thinking, something that he often regrets but can’t help to do. Except when using his powers: even if he likes his powers -Ted is almost proud of them, making him feel somehow special- due to his mother’s attitude towards it, Ted prefers to not use it around new people, but only with the ones who he really trusts. And without never exaggerating, since he can’t use them well Ted is afraid that if he’ll ever do a full transformation he won’t be able to turn back.

Ted had never met his father: he ran away immediately after he discovered he was going to be a father; abandoning his mother and him to not ever be seen again. His mother always described him as a good at nothing, still rancorous regards him and what he did to both of them. And Ted couldn't care less about him, too, never having the desire to meet him.
His mother and he went to live with his maternal grandmother and they moved on starting a new life in a new city.
The first time that Ted discovered his powers, he was 4 years old: he was playing with some plastic toys and at a some point his whole body turned into plastic. It was his first -and only- full body transformation. When his mother found him in that condition, she almost had an heart-attack: Ted had inherited the same powers of his father, something that she could have never imagined. From that day on, his mother never discourage but neither encourage him to use his powers: she loved her son for who he was, but at the same that power reminded her of the man who abandoned them. The only person who was really fascinated by Ted’s powers and kept encouraging him was his grandma, so Ted started to use less his powers around his mother and practiced only with grandma Norma without risking too much and limiting his ability only to his right hand and arm.
It was only thanks to his grandmother that Ted decided to take a try with the training center for gifted people, after a tragic school year and a more tragic school report. Maybe a place closer to his interests would help him. He was accepted, much to his and his family surprise.
Now he is about to start at the center, hoping to be good enough to stay the whole year.

- Ted was born in Melbourne, Australia
- Ted collects little samples of all the materials he had tuoched while practicing with his grandma. And probably will do the same here at the center
- he is claustrophobic and afraid of elevators
- he is left-handed

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Theodore Wiggins
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