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 Room C-001: I do care [Remi&Tadashi]

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Remi Mercer


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PostSubject: Re: Room C-001: I do care [Remi&Tadashi]   Wed Aug 05, 2015 10:49 pm

It didnt take long for Remi to realize that Tadashi was in a rush to go because she and Reno had started arguing, sort of. She suddenly felt awful about it but she couldn’t help it. She gave Tafashi and apologetic look, prepared to close the door behind them if she needed to. Remi looked at Reno again. She hated when he undermined her like that, chuckling at her as if she were a little kid. Remi felt relieved when Tadashi began leading him out. But then she paused, looking at the ginger again. What did he just say? Her expression fell into a mix of emotions as she scrutinized him, trying to find the sarcasm in what he'd said but...there was none. "Thank you." Remi murmured quietly. Remi wasn't ute which she felt more, relief or despair. She smiled at Tadashi, "Good luck, 'Kay?" She was giddy at the thought of Tadashi finding someone for himself. Hopefully he and Flynn wouldn’t end up like she and Reno.
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Tadashi Bennett


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PostSubject: Re: Room C-001: I do care [Remi&Tadashi]   Wed Aug 05, 2015 11:37 pm

Tadashi moved toward the door, still holding tightly Reno's hand, both to guide him out and for his own comfort. What Reno said last to Remi actually surprised him, but... actually made him glad he said something actually nice to her. They were both awesome people, in fact, two of the best people he had ever met, it pained him that they couldn't get along... He stepped outside the door with Reno, not even being able to reply to Remi's good luck with more than a nod: there, now he was terrified! He was actually going to meet Flynn again!
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Room C-001: I do care [Remi&Tadashi]
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