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 I just Died in your Arms

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Reno Sinclair


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PostSubject: I just Died in your Arms   Sun Aug 09, 2015 8:40 pm

0]WARNING! Mature content; contains rape and abuse of minor]]

If there was one thing Reno could openly admit to liking about school, it’d have to be the constant noise surrounding him everywhere. Ok, ‘like’ would be too strong a word for that, but he much prefered that than the silence he was always meet with whenever he stepped inside that old apartment he’s called home ever since he could remember. Noise was a sign of life, even if it would easily get to loud and cause him major headaches in the poor excuse of a place of educating he spent most of his time in. It was a reminder, that even in this rotten little hole of the world, other people besides himself excisted, with pretty much the same problems and struggles he was forced to face with everyday. Not even during class was it quiet. While the teacher stood up front holding a lecture, not bothering to hide his lack of interesst of the kids poor education, or if they payed attention to him or not.
Reno sighed, and amde himself more comfortable on his seat by pressing his face more agaisnt his desk, shutting out the consat chattering and from his classmates around him. This class was much better used for taking a nap anyway.
“Another sleepless night I see.”
Reno merely repleid to the question with a low hum, not bothering to glance up at the girl seated beside him. “So I’mma take a wild guess and say it was your mom. Again,” the girl went on casually, her main focus being on drawing whatever on her desk. At this, the redhead turned his head enough to look up at her, and had to remind himself yet again that yes, the kid beside him was actually a girl, and not a boy like himself. The joke about her being the manilest in the whole fucking school since kindergarden hasn’t grown old yet either. Yet another reminder for the redheaded boy here, that he was nothing but skin and bones, smaller than even most of the girls his age while his best friend here had not only a deep voice but even managed to form some muscles on her body. Life sure as hell wasn’t fair.
“She wouldn’t stop screaming,” Reno murmured quietly, pressing his forhead down agaisnt the table once more, trying to stop thinking aboout the way his mother’s face had been twisted pure agony most of the night. The medecine had run out again, and his old man had been no where around since a week ago now. He better come back with a shit tones of money this time, Reno thought with growing anger, digging his bony fingers into his arms harsh enough to leave marks. The marks, however, was qucikly gone of course within a second, his ever so useful and convenient little abilites as always in the works.
His friend frowned at him, dark chocolate eyes giving him a look mixed between pity and sympathy. Reno didn’t appreaciate the look that much. “Drop that look already Kim, makes you look like a girl,” he mutterd, to which he only recived a smack to the head. “Just be happy that someone actully gives a shit,” was her simple comeback as he went back to doodling on her desk. Reno mutterd to himself, giving his friend a half glare whle rubbing the back of his head. This was a normal thing after all, so no reason to make a big deal out it. That wouldn’t help anything or anyone.
Both of them looked up from their moping around as the bell rang, and soon enough everyone hurried up to empty the class room and fill up the halls. With another yawn, Reno took his time pushing himself up from his seat, givign a lazy nodd when Kim told him to hurry up, who was already out of the door herself. As he streatched his arms above his head, he was suddenly pushed into his bench, giving out a low hiss as the edge of it scrapped into his waist. Glaring fiercely over at the culprits, who just laughed out in delight at this took his look as a sign of accomplishment. For fuck sake, those fatheaded morons don’t know when to quit, Reno thought with growing anger, doing his best to ingore their taunting and name calling as he walked past them on the way to his locker. Wonder if they’d botherd with him as much if he’d had a lesser noticble haircolor…
Opening his locker, he barely had time to regiser as something hard collied with the back of his head, quickly turning around to glare at the same group of bigger boys from before, now outright laughing and pointing at him from across the hall. “Oh no! The little hotshot is about to explode! Call fire department!” one of them laughed along with the rest, turning to leave. Clenching his fist tightly as he started to tremble with rage, Reno began to walk after them, intending to leave all of them toothless. But alas, after barely taking two steps, a ahnd from behind him shot out and grabbe dhim by the arm, stopping him. “You know it ain’t worth it,” Kim told him firmly, pulling the boy backwards effortlessly. “You’re trying not to get expelled remember? One more fight and you’re out.” The redhead just gave his friend a cold glare, biting his lip to stop himself from arguing because yes, Kim was right. He was trying to not get kicked out. And sadly those assholes was taking advantage of this. Just beacuse he was so much smaller than the rest, it was a known fact that Reno always fought back nontheless, and mroe than often left a trail of blood after himself, wether he won a fight or not. Smiling, kim ruffled up Reno’s hair playfully. “Hey, just do what you always do! Start pacing around while loudly cursing out everything in spanish until you feel better,” she winked, earning an unamused pout from the smaller of the two. “I need to take a piss,” Reno mutterd, turning towards the restroom. “Don’t get lost on your way back my little Strawberry!” Kim called after him, to which he tiredly ignored and let the door close behind himself. He was to tired to deal with anything today. Maybe he should go and see if he could go play errand boy again after shcool… those drugdealers payed well enough for him to get his ahnds on some good medicine, or whatever it was for his mother. Whatever it was, it dulled her pain, and so it was worth it.
Stifling another yawn while washing his hands, he felt someone suddenly tower over him and lazily looked up in the mirror to see one of the many people on his ‘to smash open their skulls’ list. A big as fuck kid to only be in his 15-16 glared threathingly down at him from behind, anger flaring up in his eyes when all Reno did was focus back on getting his hands clean. “You're the one who’s been talking shit about me behind my back?”
“I talk shit about everyone,” Reno responed back flatly, taking his time with drying his hands off. “But when I do, I do it to their faces. Guess you’re to fat to noticed that little detail.”
Before he could blink, Reno’s face was smahesd into the mirrior, breaking the glass in the process. It left his face bloody, cuts now covering mst of his face with btis of glass stuck to the bruised up skin. As he sunk down to the floor, tyrignt o shake off the dizzyness, what caught hsi eyes first was his belvoed goodles on the floor, now ruined. Beofre the other boy had time to go in for another hit, Reno was up on his feet, holwing loudly in rage as he pshed the other down with him, hands around the other’s throat and clawing at his skin. If someone hadn’t suddenly walked in stopped them, Reno would’ve maybe killed for the first time that day. But luckily (or unfortunely...) that wouldn’t happen until a year later from that day on…


“You’re lucky it was me who found you, and not someone else,” the male around his late thirtes told the boy sternly, crouching down to his eye level to carefully wipe off the blood on the youngter’s face. Reno didn’t say anything, just kept his eyes lowerd down to his feet. He jerked backwards a bit when he felt man beging to clean his face, his own hand quickly shooting out and grabbing the towel, insisting he’d do it himself. With a sigh, the teacher just let him and stood back up, turning back to his desk. Reno heaved out a small sigh, the pain now mostly gone as well as the cuts. As much a she appreaciated his healing powers, it was hard trying to keep it a secret at times. “Don’t worry about getting expelled, I got it coverd.” This made Reno stared wide up at his teacher, eyes wide in surprise and disbelief before heaivng out a heay sigh in realief. Of course Mr Fisher would have his back on this, the man always did. “Thanks,” he sighed, truly grateful as he tiredly slumed back into his chair, earning a chuckle from the grown up. “Never thought I’d see you so happy to stay in school,” he joked, smacking the boy on the head with some documents. Reno couldn’t only chuckle a bit, to tired to come up with some typical smart ass comment he always had in store. Sighing, he leaned forward until his froehead touched the bench again. He only glanced up again when felt Mr Fisher place somethign infront of him, and wuickly straigthend up when he saw it was his googles, fixed and as good as new!
“I guess they’re important to you, seeing as you never go anywhere without them,” the teacher chuckled softly, smiling as he watched the boy grin brightly and put them back onto his head. It really was weird seeing the redhead without them. A bit to big for him now maybe, but with time he’ll grow into them. “A gift from your mother?” he asked, raising an eyebrow as the boy tensed up a bit. “...from dad,” he quietly asnwerd, glancing down at his feet again. The man decided wisely to drop the subject. Sighing to himself, he handed Reno an can of soda. THe boy managed a small smile, not botherd by how it was already opened and drank up whatever was left of it. Oh right, better tell Kim I’m not expelled, he thought to himself, feeling his eyes start to drop suddenly. Woah… I’m sleepier than I thought…
“You’re a good boy Reno,” he heard his teacher say then, having to blink up at the man to try and focus his vision that now started to blur out. “Uh, thanks..?” he murmured, trying to stand up from the chair, only to stumble over his feet and fall fowrad. Two arms caught him before he hit the floor, and effortleslsy lifted him up. The last thing Reno heard before falling into unconsiosness, was his teacher assuring him of how everything was ok.


Pain. That was the first thing Reno’s hazed out mind could register as he slowly began to wake up.. As if something was tearign him apart from the inside out. He cried out when another wave of pain shot up from his spine, feeling as if he was suddenly being teared apart. “How the fuck is he even awake yet?” he heard a horse voice speak somewhere from behind him, sounding way to close to him for comfort. He tried to move, his vision still to blurred out to see clearly. Where he was, it was dark, and form what he could tell he was on a bed, pressed down down facefirst to it, making it harder for him to breathe.
“Hell if I know!” He heard another voice speak up, sounding frightly familiar even to the boy’s still hazed out mind. “The drugg should’ve kept him passed out for at least another three hours!”
He tried to move again, wriggle his way out from whatever force was holding him down. A grunt from above him made him want to gagg, and first then did he relaise it was hands holding him captive, pushing his smaller body harshly into the matress, enough to leave him immobile. He screamed again, the pain shooting up from his back becoming unbearble the more he began to wake up, whatever drug had been used on him quickly leaving his system thanks to his healing factor. A hand quickly coverd his mouth, almsot stopping him from breating at all. Tears begn to well up in his eyes, for once feeling more scared than anything, and praying to whatever higher powere excisted out there that this was a dream, the realizsation dawing on him almost making him throw up right then and there. “It’s better if they’re moving a bit anyway,” he heard the man behind him groan out, his thrust beocmign mroe forceful and deeper. Crying out in pain behind the hand covering his mouth, Reno bit down hard enough to drew blood, receiving a violent slap across his face right after. Now turned on his back, he tried even harder to escape, twisting and moving as much as he possibly could, only to freeze up in shock when his eyes then landed on the other person in the room. Someone who he had genuinely thought he could trust. Even with his vision blurring out, the sinisterly sweet smile on his teacher’s face was more visible than anything.
“Be a good boy now, Reno.”

“Oi ginger, wake up already.”
Blue eyes quikcly shot open then, starign directly into a pair of chocolate brown ones hovering right above him. Nolan just gave the redhead a flat look, flicking him on the forehead to help the male wake up faster from whatever nigthmare he’d been having. Reno groaned disgruntled at this, swatting his friend’s hand away from his face and rubbing his temple gently. Turning his head to the side, he saw the black mop of hair of the genuies sitting on the floor, currently absorbed in playing whatever videogame he had on the televison. Blinking again as his vision started to clear up, he trailed his eyes over the small living room of his small and cozy apartment, untiöl his eyes gazed stopped moving by staring blankly up at the ceiling.
“Still comfortable down there?” the brunette asked with a smug grin, almost tempted to shove Reno’s head off his lap. The redhead had more than ocne already stated that Nolan’s lap was his favorite headpillow.
“As a matter of fact, yes. Yes I am,” Reno replied back before letting out a loud yawn. He may have looked like he usually did after waking up from a nap, a bit disorientated but still his usual lazy and laid-back self. Nolan however, knew better. Whatever nightmare the ginger might’ve just had, it had shaken him up pretty good. Letting one hand trail over his chest, the brunette could easily feel the male’s heart almsot wanting to beat of his chest. Sighing, Nolan gently ran a hand throguh the wild and red curls on Reno’s head, immedintly feeling the other start to relax. Nolan smirked down at the redhead now almsot purring on his lap, raising another eyebrow at him when Reno gave him a puppy dog look. “This calls for some cuddling~” Reno cheerfully sang, wrapping his arms aroudn Nolan’s waist, pressing his cheek agaisnt his stomach.
“Could you two NOT get all cutesy while I’m here?” Hiro suddnely goraned out in annoyance. “You always start making out eventually, and throw your clothes everywhere...” he grimaced. Before either fo the two could reply, the door to Reno’s apparent suddenly burst open. “I smell boys being gay!” Kim squeeled out, reciving another grimace from Hiro and an eyeroll from Nolan. Reno. having grown used to her behvaior years ago, didn’t care and just kept on snuggling his giant ‘Teddy Bear’. “Aww look at you beign all cute fluffy togheter,” she cooed as she reached the couch, snappign a picture of the two before moving over where Hiro sat, who was eyeing her bag with big eyes. “I’mma start working on my next slash fic after this,” she beamed, once again going on one of her rambles on why her ‘Strawberry’ and his 'Teddy' were he best inspiration ever. The annoyed grimace on Hiro’s face quickly fell when she shoved a piece of chocolate cake at him. Aside from beign taller, Kim hasn’t really changed much during the years. She still looked like a male to most, and honestly even these three forgot she was a ‘she’ sometimes.
“Oh right, your Boss says hi,” she said nochallantly then, occupying herself with Hiro’s game whiel eh stuffed his face full. “Also told me something about you better being prepared for tomorrow or whatever.”
Reno glanced up from Nolan’s lap, having almsot falled alseep again at that point.  “Tomorrow?” he murmured, recalling his boss having mentioend somehtign about working with another Mob Boss from now on. Stan Pine, was it? Another big shot in the criminal world. How exciting.
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I just Died in your Arms
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