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 Wilson Matthew Samuels Jr aka 'Sunny'

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Wilson Samuels Jr


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PostSubject: Wilson Matthew Samuels Jr aka 'Sunny'   Mon Aug 10, 2015 6:04 am

Wilson Mathew Samuels Jr. aka ‘Sunny’

Sunny from Strange Magic


Family members:
Dad: Wilson Samuels Sr.
Mom: Alica Samuels (formerly Alica Matthew)
Plus a whole ton of aunts, uncles and older cousins who might as well be his siblings.


Animal Shapeshifting

Description of superpower:
Sunny’s power allows him to turn into any kind of animal on the planet. This can be a full body transformation or just a partial transformation. However there are some limits on it. He is currently only able to turn into animals that are currently alive or have been alive within the last 500 years, which means no dinosaurs (much to his disappointment). He is also unable to turn into any mythical creatures (an even bigger disappointment). Whether it is a full body transformation or a partial transformation, Sunny maintains completely control of himself and his mind. However when he is angry, Sunny finds it hard to maintain control of his own mind and not lose himself in the mind of the animal.

It is easier for him to transform into animals he knows the animal well or if they are animals that are native to where he lives (e.i. Canadian animals and ferrets) but he is not limited to only these. He can transform into other kinds of animals but it requires more concentration and energy to maintain the form if it is unknown to him.

Sunny is just like his name; sunny and full of life. He is full of energy and spontaneity. He loves to have fun, explore/learn new things and meet new people. He does have a mischievous streak and a good but somewhat odd sense of humour. There is nothing Sunny likes better than a good prank or joke. He also likes to engage in friendly banter and enjoys teasing with those he calls his friends.

However, he is also very loyal and protective of his friends and would do just about anything for them. He is a very dedicated person and does not deal with betrayal or backstabbing well, whether it is against him or others. Sunny is slow to anger and can take most things in a stride but if you do make him angry or betray him, Sunny is unlikely to forget and he does not forgive easily. When he does get angry, Sunny tends to explode and sometimes loses control of his powers or he goes extremely cold and a bit cruel. He also does not like jokes about his height and gets very angry when people make them.

It is unknown how long the Samuels family has been able to shape shift into animals but for as long as anyone can remember, it has been in the family. With the early generations, only the first born would be the one to inherit the power of shape-shifting and would usually be one or two small animal forms but as time went on the gift became more prominent and much stronger. Within his family, Sunny's shape-shifting power is the strongest and the most diversified.

Sunny born to Wilson and Alicia Samuels and was named after his father as he was their first child and the first boy born in the Samuels and Matthews family since his dad and his uncles on his mom's side. When Sunny turned four, it was clear that he had the Samuels' family gift. Sunny was playing in outside while his mother was watering the pants when a stray cat came into the backyard. Sunny immediately headed for the cat and began playing with it. Seeing that her son was safe, Sunny's mother went to fill up her watering can. She was only gone a few minutes and when she returned, she saw two cats playing with each other but Sunny was nowhere to be found. His mother experienced a few seconds of terror looking for Sunny when he suddenly reappeared and the second cat disappeared. In that moment, she realized that Sunny had inherited the Samuels family gift that her husband had told her about. From that point on, both Alica and Wilson Sr watched their son very closely to see when his next transformation might be.

They ended up waiting a whole year before Sunny transformed again. He had just turned five years old and his parents had taken him on a camping trip along with some of the Samuels family. Sunny and his older cousins were playing together when his eldest cousin, Leah, transformed into a deer. At first Sunny was frightened and started to run back to where the adults were when his cousins stopped him and made him watch as Leah transformed back into herself. They then explained that they could all do it, even he could. Excited and no longer scared, Sunny demanded that his cousins teach him how. Excited to teach the new Samuels all about the family gift, they explained that he had to concentrate on a certain animal and think about becoming it. They also suggested that he start with something small and familiar to him. Excited to try, Sunny chose to become a garter snake. However, he changed before his cousins could explain how to change back into himself. After an hour of waiting for Sunny to return to himself, Sunny's cousins picked him up and raced back to the adults in hysterics. After three very tense hours, Sunny managed to transform back into his own form.

From that moment on, Sunny's father began training him and helping him learn how to use his powers properly so that he would be able to control it and so that he would never get stuck in an animal form again. His father and mother also impressed upon Sunny the importance of keeping his power secret in order to protect the Samuels family gift.

The rest of Sunny's life passed by fairly normally. He often experimented with his powers and figured out his limits fairly quickly. He experimented with all kinds of animals but quickly discovered that his favorite animal to turn into were ferrets. They were fun and mischievous little creatures which Sunny identified with. Plus, his mother had ferrets as pets when she was younger and was often telling Sunny stories about the uncanny creatures. When Sunny was nine years old, his parents got him his first ferret. They adopted a five year-old ferret through the local ferret association. Sunny was ecstatic and named him Imp. Imp lived for another five happy years before passing onto the Rainbow Bridge when Sunny was 14.

When Sunny turned 15, he decided to get a new ferret through the ferret association. This time, Sunny got his ferret when it was 6 months old, very much still a baby. He named her Puck after the mischievous and tricky fey from 'Midsummer Night's Dream.' It was also around this time that Sunny got his first girlfriend as well.

Ever since he was very young, Sunny had always had two main friend, Simon and Dawn. They were inseparable and did everything together. They were the only people outside of his family that knew about his powers. When Sunny and Dawn turned 15, they realized that their friendship had at some point become more romantic and they decided to try dating. Simon was happy for them and while he often teased them about their relationship, he also asked them why they didn't hook up sooner. Sunny and Dawn dated happily for a period of two years until Sunny discovered that Dawn was cheating on him. This ended their relationship and their friendship rather abruptly.

At the same time, Sunny's father heard of The Elite through his work and told Sunny about it. After talking about it as a family, Sunny and his parents decided that he should go to the training center. After getting everything in order and completing the audition process, Sunny and Puck found themselves being whisked off to a  remote island in the middle of the ocean. They have recently arrived and trying to get to know their way around the place.

Sunny is extremely short for his age with a height of 4’5 ft. This gets him teased a lot and people tend to underestimate him. Until he turns into a giant, towering wall of angry Grizzly Bear muscle.

He also has a black-eyed, white female ferret named Puck. She is 2.5 years old and weighs 1.3lbs with a length of 14 inches. Puck is a wonderfully energetic and good-natured little girl. However, she does highly mischievous streak, much like her master. The two of them are rarely apart from each other and Sunny will usually carry Puck around in his backpack.

Sunny also enjoys singing and karaoke but whether he is any good is in the ears of the listener. Whenever he is really happy or in a really good mood, he has a tendency of humming or singing under his breath. He is also enjoys dancing and is very good at it (unlike his singing).
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Wilson Matthew Samuels Jr aka 'Sunny'
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