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 You like it rough, I just adapt... {Leon & Buddy}

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Buddy Pine


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PostSubject: You like it rough, I just adapt... {Leon & Buddy}   Fri Aug 14, 2015 6:11 pm

Buddy and Leon had just come back from the bar, after being out drinking with Reno and Nolan. Buddy threw the keys on the table while Leon closed the door behind them. They had just been drinking, but it wasn't like they had gotten drunk or anything so Leon saw no harm in directing himself toward the fridge and take another beer. Buddy, on the other side, had had an exam at university that morning and than a mission with Stan in the afternoon and now was pretty tired, so he directed himself toward the bedroom. When Leon entered, Buddy was already undressing himself and getting ready to go to bed.

At the sight of Buddy's naked upper body Leon smirked, taking a new sip of beer: the gnome surely was short, and his hair were weird as fuck, but he was also so cute and feminine he could almost take him for a girl at times... thing that Buddy obviously hated, while Leon, on the other hand, found quite charming.... Grinning devilishly, he put down the beer: too bad Buddy was tired... the night was still young for him.

Suddenly the shorter guy felt himself being pushed roughly against the wall, while Leon started grinding his hips against him. He hissed in annoyance, no matter if the situation was immediately making his body react "Gentle as always..." he growled with the usual dose of sarcasm. "Shut up. You like it rough..." was the laconic reply Leon gave him before sucking harshly on his neck, making him hiss again. "See?" he continued devilishly, caressing for a brief moment the erection that was now growing in his pants.

"You got it wrong, dumbass: you like it rough. I just adapt." Buddy hissed in annoyance, unable though to hide the shiver of pleasure as Leon touched him. At this point Leon lifted an eyebrow "Really?" he asked, now starting to get amused. Like he didn't know that the little gnome was a masochist that got pleasure only when things were at list a bit brutal... But, of course, Buddy was also an arrogant bastard who liked to always have the last word on every matter "Really" he replied rolling his eyes, still though doing nothing to stop him, on the contrary playing along... Well, fine, if that was the game he wanted to play...

Much to Buddy's surprise, Leon got away from him "Fine..." he just said, trying to contain his amusement before he'd toss Buddy over the bed, face up, and quickly removed his pants, using then his power to quickly get on top of him. Buddy couldn't be more confused when Leon gently, almost tenderly kissed him

"The hell are you doing?" he asked frowning, breaking the kiss, tossing the other a suspicious glare. "Oh well... if I got it right, you just said you don't like it rough..." he started, while he slowly inserted a finger inside Buddy's ass. The guy try to shift uncomfortably, but Leon kept him still and continued still that wicked smile on his lips "You're just 'adapting'..." as he said so he started moving his finger in and out, terribly slowly "So I thought... why not give him what he wants?"

Now Buddy's expression was exactly what he was aiming for: his gnome was now boiling with rage and desire at the same time, but was just too stubborn and cocky to admit defeat. Well, that was going to be funny... at least for one of them... "Isn't sweet, tender love what you wanted?" he asked teasingly, still moving his finger in an excruciatingly slow way and inserting a second one with that. Buddy tried once again to move but to no use "You have no clue of what sweet tender love is." he spat annoyedly at the other, but Leon's only reaction was to laugh and kiss him again tenderly on the lips. Then he started moving his lips south: first his chin, then his neck, then his chest... he kept kissing and sucking on his skin. Buddy was enduring this but it was obviously excruciating to him: who was he trying to fool? He wasn't for sweet sex at all, he wanted it rough...

The soft kisses, the slow pace, the slow movements of only 2 fingers in his ass... Leon knew perfectly well that was killing him. As Leon started sucking on his nipple Buddy burst out, hissing "Will you stop that? I'm not a fucking woman!" "Oh really? Sorry, I didn't notice that..." Leon just couldn't help himself from replying. "So, aren't you loving this?" Leon purred devilishly to Buddy, enjoying quite too much teasing the smaller guy. Buddy had this bad, bad habit to always try to have the last word, always try to outsmart everywhere, and well... he just loved putting him back in his place... And now he could see how torn he was: the gnome wanted both to bite him and to speed up the pace himself, he could just read that in his eyes, but at the same time he wasn't ready to swallow his pride... which made it tremendously funny for Leon cause left Buddy out of options on what to do. For now, he was just enduring what for him was plain torture...

"I just wonder for how long you can keep up with this..." he hissed angrily. Ah... so that was what he had in mind... did he really count on the fact Leon would give up first? "Now that was a bad move challenging me, gnome..." he purred with a devilishly smirk before removing his fingers from his ass. He quickly undid his own pants and positioned himself at Buddy's entrance: he could see in the guy's eyes he though he had won... oh, he had no idea....

Almost painfully slowly, he inserted himself inside the guy, much to Buddy's dismay that was finally expecting some nice rough sex. And much to Leon's satisfaction, that managed to extort a deep moan from Buddy. Mercilessly, Leon started moving slowly and gently inside of him: Buddy was excited, but he would never be able to cum from that... not like Leon himself could get off from such sweet lovemaking, but he was enjoying the situation in another way and he had better self control than his little partner...

It took just a couple of thrusts for Buddy's stubbornness to start faltering: Leon could see from his expression the smaller guy was reaching his limits... "Enjoying yourself?" He purred devilishly, nibbling on his earlobe. "Fuck you!" was the immediate, harsh reply Buddy gave him, which made Leon laugh in amusement "Nah... I prefer fucking you..." he replied, giving him only one quicker thrust before going back to a gentler pace: he could immediately feel Buddy's fingernails sticking in his back, oh he was driving him nuts...

"Fine, you got your point, you win." He heard Buddy finally surrendering, looking away from him with such a hateful look. But that wasn't even remotely enough... "I win?" he asked, playing dumb, still fucking him in painfully slow way, but teasing him even more, caressing Buddy's dick with just one finger, making him groan in frustration. "You win, I like it rough! Will you knock it off now?" Leon grinned mischeviously: no, that wasn't enough "I want to hear you begging for it..." he purred , biting now his earlobe, making him moan softly.

"Go to hell!" Buddy hissed to him, angrily and aggressively, but that made Leon only laugh harder and torture him even more, slowly fucking and caressing him while he sucked harshly on his neck. "You're a bastard!" Buddy almost whined this time: the poor guy really was at his limit... "That still doesn't sound like begging to me..." he teased, kissing and nibbling his neck. And once again, Buddy was horribly torn: did he have to surrender and shatter his ego... or keep up with this torture for who knew how long? Better so... could he handle this any longer? The answer was... definitely not.

Swallowing his pride, Buddy took Leon's face in his hand and drove him up so he could kiss him on his lips with passion "Please Leon... I can't handles this anymore... please..." he was almost purring rubbing himself against Leon's body and trying to speed up the pace, moving his hips faster, but Leon still didn't allow that and kept him steady "oh yes? and what do you want exactly?" he asked in a devilishly tone, breaking the kiss. Now Buddy was really losing it... "Fuck me! Fuck me hard, please..."

Leon grinned triumphant: ok, that was enough... he got out of him and quickly helped Buddy on his knees, ass up, just to lift one knee up though and only then he pounded roughly in him, extorting him a loud moan of pleasure, not even waiting for him to get used to that before he started fucking him roughly and quickly. His little gnome buried his face in the pillows, unable to stop moaning the whole time: he made him cum four times in a row! And he couldn't be happier that he liked it rough cause that was actually the most pleasurable experience he could imagine...
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You like it rough, I just adapt... {Leon & Buddy}
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