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 Minto's birthday's coming up :D

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Karissa Breeze


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PostSubject: Minto's birthday's coming up :D   Tue Aug 18, 2015 6:03 am

My birthday is October 10th. Very Happy
As for music {I know you guys are going to ask this. I like pretty much anything except for rap and hip hop. So, I'm cool with anything. XD;;}

What I would like: :3
~An MEP dedicated to me Very Happy
~AMVs of my favorite fandoms {Can be one fandom or mash-ups}
~Vidlets of my favorite couples {can be one couple or a mash-up}
~Manips and icons are cool :3
~Collab dedications to me XP
~Dedication in an AMV. :3 {like mentioning my username XP}
~Anything with my personas: Hiro Himada, Sonic the hedgehog, Nagisa (Strawberry Panic), Ayato, Jack Frost, Sora, America, the pink panther, Foxy {FNAF}, Sapphire {Steven Universe}, Ciel, Kairi (either a tribute to them or would be fine!)

Favorite fandoms, anime, movies, and couples.

For this RP:
~Any pictures with Karissa is fine. ^___^

Thank you guys! Very Happy
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Minto's birthday's coming up :D
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