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 I'll protect you {Hiccup & Vidia}

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Hiccup Haddock


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PostSubject: I'll protect you {Hiccup & Vidia}   Tue Aug 18, 2015 5:10 pm

It was quite a late evening of a lazy weekend: Hiccup was at Vidia's place, he had told his dad he was going to sleep over at a friend's house and stay there for the whole weekend but, of course... the plan was to stay with the girl. Of course, he couldn't say so to his father, he wouldn't have liked it anyway, but the fact that he spent his time with Vidia really irked him... the old man just couldn't stand the girl. Well... like Mittens... he and Vidia had been together for 3 months now, and though he loved her to the core it had been no easy task, seeing how many people wanted them to split up. At least when they were at her place they didn't have to fight with anyone around to spend some time alone...
Well, not like now they were doing anything special... actually, Hiccup was just changing the bandages on Vidia's ankle: she had wounded it a couple of days before, while they were freeing some beagles from a lab. She kept saying it was nothing, but Hiccup couldn't just ignore her light grimace when she walked on it: he had taken care of her since then.
Vidia kept complaining and trying to make him stop, but she was actually quite touched by the gesture.
As Hiccup touched by accident her wound while placing the new bandages, Vidia hissed in pain "Will you just let it go? It's old news now, I'm fine..."
"You're not fine, you're wounded! Just let me take care of you" he replied in a sweet tone, chuckling a bit at her reticence, finishing to tie the bandage before he bent toward her nuzzling her nose "Please?"
"Allright, whatever!" she replied, rolling her eyes as if she was deeply annoyed: she didn't like to show herself vulnerable, not even to Hiccup, but as he started kissing her with tenderness she couldn't help but kissing him back.

They had started making out, taking it slowly and enjoy every bit of it, when suddenly the doorbell rang. And that could mean nothing but troubles... nobody would come visit her that late if it wasn't for some less than pleasant reason...
"Stay here, I'll get the door" Hiccup smiled to her standing up, but Vidia took his wrist, trying to stop him "It's my house, dumbdumb, they're here for me... I'll get it..." but before she could move from the bed he stopped her and made her rest her back again
"Whatever it is, they can talk to me now and pass another time for you." he kissed her forehead and he was out of the bedroom before she could complain again.

Hiccup reached the door while, again, the doorbell rang impatiently: as he opened he found in front of him a guy twice his size and far more muscular than he was. Still, Hiccup didn't show any fear whatsoever... even if, sure, maybe he did feel a bit intimidated...
"May I help you?" he asked without inviting the stranger in, but that didn't really matter to the guy who easily pushed him aside and got in anyway
"Where's Vidia?" he asked already starting to look around
"Vidia is not feeling well and she needs rest. If you want, you can talk to me." Hiccup said, moving in front of the guy and stopping him from going any further. Finally he got his attention.
"And who are you?" he asked irked
"I'm Hiccup, her boyfriend." Hiccup replied, stressing the last word, but the guy's reaction was only to start laughing
"What? Did she fuck you once out of pity and now you think she's your girl?" the guy started mocking him cruelly, but Hiccup didn't care about his words: he knew what he and Vidia were and didn't need this guy's words to feel important. What irked him was knowing what this guy was here for... The fact he thought he could lay his filthy hand on his girlfriend...
"As I said, she's resting. You should leave now. You can pass another time..." he would have told him not to be back at all... but that was Vidia's decision to be taken, not his.
The guy snorted, half amused and half annoyed. "She can tell to my face she doesn't wanna see me. Or are you just scared to tell her I'm here, uh smurf? Don't wanna stay and look how you really make her scream?"
Hiccup tried to contain his anger, but couldn't help rolling his eyes at him and reply with heavy sarcasm "Yeah sure... as much as I'd like to see her fake it with you, I'll pass. Now leave."
The guy, obviously, didn't take it well...

When Hiccup had left the room, Vidia had surrendered to remain in her room but, as soon as she had recognized the voice coming from the other room, she had gotten up and went next to the door, spying on the other room and seeing what was going on...
Oh dear God... Why did Hiccup have to meet Rick? Nothing good could come from that and she had to stop the guy before he could hurt Hiccup: her little boyfriend had never shown any even small instinct to violence while that guy was a beast!
Still... Hiccup's reaction in that situation made her curious...
She was ready to intervene any moment, but she just decided to wait a bit more and see where that was leading to, how her sweet, tender guy would react in that situation...
When Rick punched Hiccup, Vidia was ready to use her power but, to her big surprise, before she could even burst in the room Hiccup punched the other guy back... and not even lightly! She would have never guessed her sweet Hiccup had that much strength!!! As the guys started beating each other harshly, she considered that her moment to intervene. She froze Rick where he stood and entered the room...

Once again, they were sitting on Vidia's bed but now the roles were reversed: it was Vidia who was taking care of Hiccup's wounds and bruises... and to be fair, she was being quite less delicate than he had been.
"Ouch... OUCH! Vidia!" Hiccup whined, just making Vidia laugh as a result "You're such a pansy, Hiccup! Stop whining!" She teased him, without stopping to treat his bruise. "You still don't need to be so rough..." he still complained, but more sheepishly. She laughed again and kissed his nose, finishing to treat his wounds.
"You've been brave, fighting against Rick... I didn't think you would do that..." she said in a flat yet honest tone, but at her last words he gently pulled her chin with two fingers so that their eyes could meet
"Punch him, you mean? Of course I did! I wouldn't allow anyone to talk like that about you..." He said nuzzling his nose against hers, looking at her with such an enamoured glance, before adding in an even softer tone "I love you..."
"Yeah, you keep saying that..." she replied with irony, but nonetheless she nuzzled him back and even if she didn't show, she was deeply touched by his words and actions. She didn't need protections, they both knew that, the fact that she had been the one putting Rick on the door with her power had been more than enough as a demonstration and still... Hiccup didn't feel threatened by her strength, and still felt the need to protect her... That was possibly the sweetest thing she had ever witnessed in her life, borderlining with dumbness!

But she wasn't comfortable with such heartfelt moments... And that one had lasted even too much.
Quickly she let her hand slip into his pants, starting to play with his shaft "I think my knight in shining armour deserves a rewards" she purred, teasing and tempting at the same time.
Hiccup tried to complain "Vidia, I'm all bruises..." and yeah, that was true, sex wasn't going to help with that... but Hiccup's body was already reacting to Vidia's attention, thing that made as always the girl laugh amused: gosh, Hiccup had such little self control on that front!
"Don't be a crybaby, Hiccup! I'll be gentle..." she teased, continuing to stroke him. Hiccup couldn't keep a groan. He tried to resist a bit longer but soon enough he had to give in and, while she kept stroking him, he started kissing her neck.
That night they had to go easy and slow, but that still didn't stop them from having sex many, many times...
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I'll protect you {Hiccup & Vidia}
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