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 First times {Hiccup & Vidia}

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Hiccup Haddock


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PostSubject: First times {Hiccup & Vidia}   Wed Aug 19, 2015 4:24 am

Since the beginning of their relationship and even before that, Vidia had always knew Hiccup was pansexual and she didn't really care much, she had only been quite surprise to find out he could actually be quite good in bed! Well... he was still quite inexperienced, which amused her, and he was incredibly sweet, maybe even too much... but what he could do with his tongue and his hands actually surprised her. If at the beginning she had had some doubts about this relationship, he had been able to quickly wipe them away.

Still, after just a little time they had started dating she had started wondering if he had maybe needs she couldn't fulfil... being into guys and all... once she even tried to bring up the subject with him
"So, Haddock, when you go with guys are you the dominant one or the dominated one?" she asked out bluntly one afternoon while they were sitting in her room, drinking beer (which he wasn't supposed to drink since he was only 17, and which he wouldn't drink if it wasn't for her bad influence) and watching TV. Hiccup, obviously, had jerked surprised and uncomfortable, not to mention embarrassed by the subject.
"Wha- what the hell of a question is that?"
She had just laughed, but she had no intention to allow him to avoid the question
"It's a legitimate question. So?" she had insisted before adding teasingly "I bet you're the dominated one, with such a cute face how could you be the dominant one?"
"I don't mind either way! Are we done with it now?" he replied to her blushing, which made her even more amused: putting away her bottle of beer, she went closer to him, sitting on his lap, straddling him
"So you like to take it in the ass?" she kept asking shamelessly, making him even more embarrassed
"Why-why-why do you need to know?" he asked in frustration: everytime she decided she wanted something she obtained it, and he knew that, he just couldn't resist her and she didn't listen to him... Still, why on earth did she had to pick up such a subject?
"Oh well... I wanna know if I have to get creative to please you..." she replied in a purr in such a seductive tone: that alone already managed to obtain a reaction from Hiccup's body... but he had to roll his eyes at her
"Look, when I'l with a guy I like to do it that way, but now I'm with you and I like what we do. Just... don't... don't worry, about it, ok?"
But Vidia wasn't worrying at all, and the devilish grin she sent back to him made it pretty clear
"Oh I'm not worrying at all, Hiccup dear..." she purred, and, leaning in, she started kissing his neck "I just want you to enjoy our sex as much as I do..." she kept purring, her left hand getting lost in his messy hair while she quickly sucked on two fingers of her right hand, making sure he wouldn't even notice that.
Then, quickly, she pushed him down, making him lay down on the pillows while still straddling him and, equally quickly, she slipped her right hand in his pants but, instead of aiming for his cock, she aimed straight for his ass: before he could realise what was going on she pushed a finger inside, easy job since it was already lubed with her saliva.
Hiccup just wasn't expecting anything like that and as he felt the intrusion he both couldn't keep a loud moan and his cock immediately stiffened. Oh, that was just precious! Vidia couldn't stop herself from laughing, and Hiccup absolutely embarrassed reaction just made it all better: the boy tried to move but she kept him still in his place, starting to move the finger in and out, in and out, before inserting a second one with it and starting a scissoring motion. Hiccup covered his mouth "p-please... Vidia..." he begged her, obviously ashamed: he was moaning more that she usually did during sex and apparently he couldn't stop himself! And Vidia couldn't have more fun with that... the power she had over this boy was just intoxicating!
"You should control yourself Haddock... those are the only pants you have here..." she purred devilishly into his ear, feeling his shaft throbbing.
"Please Vidia... stop..." he begged, looking away, even if that felt awfully good
Vidia laughed some more, but she was thought she could blow him to finish him, she just wanted to enjoy some more his helpless moans... She really didn't think he would come just from being fingered in his ass! And instead... Just a minute later she could feel his inside squeeze her fingers while he moaned even louder and then a big wet spot formed on his pants.
Vidia stared at that for a moment in disbelief "No way... did you really just cum, Haddock?" she asked incredulous, not even willingly teasing him. Still, Hiccup couldn't get redder and he covered his face to hide the shame
"Was I that good?" she teased him now, moving again her finger inside her, making him jerk
"Please Vidia, I can't take it anymore..."
She laughed some more, but bent toward him, removing his hands from his face, and started kissing him "I think your ass is more sensitive than my oussy, Hiccup dear..." she still teased him, but her voice was softer and as he whined a bit in reply, she chuckled "Oh come on, stop complaining! You liked it, I liked it... I'd say there is nothing to whine about."
She removed herself from him, standing up while he sat up. He was obviously still dizzy after the orgasm, so much so he forgot about the wet spot and sat with his legs open, leaving it in plain view, thing that made Vidia crack up from laughter... and Hiccup cover up in shame immediately after.
Still laughing, Vidia bent down to kiss him once again.

"Give me your pants, I'll wash them." it wasn't a question, it felt more like an order, and Hiccup could try to say no but she would have probably used her power to take them on her own so... he just ended up doing what she asked, handing her both pants and boxers and trying to cover himself with his tshirt.
"Please Haddock... there's nothing there I haven't seen or touched already" she teased him, still laughing, before she left the room to go wash his stuffs. After she had put the clothes in the washing machine, she directed herself toward the kitchen: after all it was about lunch time and she was pretty hungry.
"hey Haddock, come here! What do you want for lunch?"
When Hiccup arrived, he was still desperately trying to cover himself up. "Will you knock it off? You're being ridiculous!"
"Easy for you to say! You're not the one who's naked from the waist down!!!"
She sighed heavily and rolled her eyes "Fine!" she replied before she quickly let her pants and panties slip on the floor and she kicked them away, much to the boy's dismay "Now we're both naked from the waist down. Will you stop covering yourself?" she asked, half amused and half annoyed.
Hiccup though, still played with his tshirt without letting it go, making her sigh in annoyance "What's wrong now? Come on! I'm being nice, I'll stay like this until your clothes dry, ok?"
But when after a moment he talked, it was clear to her why he was acting so weird
"Then it looks like I won't be able to keep it down for the rest of the day..." he said looking away, obviously embarrassed.
Vidia bursted out laughing "Oh Hiccup..." she approached him, placing a soft kiss on his lips: lunch could wait a while longer...


Months passed by and their relationship keep getting stronger and stronger... not to mention the sex was getting better and better! She loved to toy with him, and seeing his reaction, he evidently loved it too! Se thought he secretly loved the little private humiliations she subjected him now and then, even though he would never admit that, but he got so easily turned on by them... Still, bottomline, what counted was that sex was great for the both of them. And it really, really was, there was no doubt about that.

Still, she liked to play kinky and she liked to experiment in new ways. One afternoon they were taking a walk together, just messing around and chit chatting when she spotted a sexy shop: he wasn't so eager to get in but, of course, she managed to convince him and they (or better she) had fun looking around, even though the best part was heavily teasing him about the dildos and vibrators.
She was just messing with him, though she actually started wondering if his oh so sensitive ass would appreciate such a toy...
When she asked, though, the obvious, embarrassed answer was a no. Still, she couldn't shake the feeling that he would have loved that... and so would have she...

A couple of months later it was Hiccup's birthday, he didn't want any celebration but still, it was his 18th birthday and apparently his family wanted to celebrate, so his mom was getting to town just to see him and, well, he had quite begged her to spend the day with him: could she really say no to the birthday boy?
They spent the day at his place, with his dad, his pets, his mom, his mom's new husband and his mom's horrible new kiddos. Vidia would have never described it as a nice day, and she suspected Hiccup was more enduring it out of love than enjoying it, but still... after the cake, his parents gave him the presents but when it was the time for his present she got closer and whispered in his ear "You should open my present when it's just me and you...".
Hiccup looked at her with a surprised look: what was that? His immediate though was that she meant herself...
Well, that made him rush the rest of the celebration, less than half an hour later his mom and her family had left and he could lock himself and Vidia in his room. When he turned toward her he was ready to 'unwrap' her but, much to his surprise, she actually handed him a box with golden wrapping paper, looking at him with a naughty grin. He looked at her suspiciously, but the quickly unwrapped the gift, only to stare in disbelief at the box's content: it was a quite big, quite fancy pink vibrator and next to it there was a bottle of lube.
Hiccup looked back at Vidia, totally at loss: was that a joke?

"So? You don't like my present Haddock?" She teased with a naughty grin.
Oh my god she was for real! Hiccup suddenly blushed bright red "What the hell, Vidia??? I... i don't... WHY???"
She laughed, deeply amused by his reaction, and started getting closer to him "Cause I know you'd like that... don't try to deny that, Haddock, we both know you do like it kinky..."
As she reached him, she threw her arms around his neck, starting to caress his hair
"I... I don't... it's... come on, Vidia... it's..."
"Don't you trust me, Hiccup?" she purred seductively in his ear, to which he immediately replied
"Of course I trust you!"
She knew he would say so... there, she had him again wrapped around her finger!
"Then just stop worrying and do as I say..." she purred again, moving a bit away and taking his hands, leading him toward the bed.
As they sat down, she leaned in to kiss him, making sure to stun her little Hiccup with that.
Then, breaking the kiss, she gave him a devilish grin and, standing up, she used her power to quickly take away his pants and boxers and make him kneel on the bed, his ass in the air, completely exposed to her glance.
"VIDIAAA!!!" he immediately screamed her name but she playfully slapped his ass
"You better not scream too loud, your dad could hear you and it would be quite embarrassing if he would come in..." she teased him, enjoying this a bit too much.
"Vidia, that's not funny!!!" he said, his voice far lower. He looked angry, but still his cock was already getting harder... She knew it, he enjoyed it... He started moving to she stopped him placing a hand on his back
"I'm not being funny, Hiccup dear! Now, It's time to give some proper celebration to the birthday boy..." she purred, starting to tease his ass with two fingers: soon enough, he was moaning and his cock was completely stiff: no matter how much he asked her to stop, it was too evident he was enjoying it... and the real fun hadn't started yet!
As she took out her fingers from Hiccup's ass, she went to recover the pink vibrator and the lube: she opened the lube's bottle and started to put the lube on the thing, making sure it would easily slip then in her boyfriend's ass.
Meanwhile, Hiccup had turned his head, and apparently his will to leave the bed and that humiliating position had slipped his mind cause he hadn't moved an inch, like he was waiting for her to keep fingering him!
"Vidia what are you...?" he started asking as he started realising what she was doing, but before he could do anything about it, before he could move away she was once again over him, keeping him in place
"Don't worry, you're gonna like this..." she purred to him as she started inserting the vibrator inside of him. She had only inserted it, and Hiccup already came with a really loud moan.
"Oh my God, Hiccup! I have only put this thing in!" he just looked awfully ashamed and embarrassed, so much so that even Vidia decided to go softer... after all, it was his birthday "Well... glad to know you enjoy it..." she purred nibbling on his ear, starting to move it in and out, extorting him some new moans "And I haven't even turned it on yet..." she purred devilishly.
"wait, what?" Hiccup had just the time to asked so in an alarmed tone before Vidia turned the vibration on, making him suddenly moan even louder than before.

That evening Vidia lost count of how many times she made him cum that way, without even touching his cock. That was her little special present for him, and as much as he could complain of how humiliating that could be, still she knew for sure he loved that: after all, he made no attempt to move...
Once she was sure that he was so exhausted that his knees weren't able to support him anymore and she had made sure she had dried out his balls, she finally allowed him to rest, letting him pant heavily, still naked from the waist down but he was too exhausted to care in that moment.
She petted him on the head until he had recovered some strenghts.
He was absolutely exhausted, sex was out of the question but, well, she had predicted that: still, they cuddled a bit before she had to leave.

Only when Vidia left the room, later in the evening, Hiccup realised though that his dad had been home the whole time and that, well, the thin walls of his room definitely hadn't been enough to silence his moans...
The way all the pets kept talking about 'mating' made that more than clear.
His dad never brought up the subject, but still Hiccup wasn't able to look him in the face for weeks...
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First times {Hiccup & Vidia}
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