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 The first time {Buddy & Leon}

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Buddy Pine


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PostSubject: The first time {Buddy & Leon}   Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:28 am

Since Stan had decided to use Buddy's power to his own purposes, he had asked Leon to stick by his side and guard him: not only Buddy's power was quite too precious to be lost, Buddy himself was such an easy target and, being the jerk that he couldn't help but be, he made himself an even easier prey. Leon called that more of a babysitting job and didn't like it one bit, but he knew it was an important job and Stan just wanted him to take care of it cause he trusted him.

Still... that didn't make the job any easier. Buddy was such a little asshole, talkative, provocative and always ready to tease and mock, and Leon just couldn't stand that. Since the very beginning he had hit the gnome so many times he had lost count of it in the first few days. Now 6 months had passed by since Leon had been first assigned to his protection, and he could just swear that he for sure had hit the gnome at least a million times! The guy was lucky he was under his protection, or he could have just kissed his life goodbye quite a long time before...

And still and yet, not matter how many times he hit him, and no matter how much he hurt him, the little spiteful thing could be stopped at most for a couple of minutes! In no time he always recovered that despicable grin of his and that teasing ways and he was back mocking and teasing and talking and annoying the crap out of him. He was even getting bolder with time! It looked like he was getting used to be beaten up, so obviously if that wasn't effective anymore he felt like he could give himself more and more freedom... And, if that wasn't enough, Stan had even heavily complained about the bruises and black eyes on his new little puppet, subtly forbidding Leon to hit him again. Great...

That specific day had been particularly lame and boring: the gnome had had an exam at university so, under Stan's request, Leon had had to take him to the library to review his study and then to take the test, and he just had to wait for him. The whole fucking day. As the gnome wasn't a pain already without his university bullshits... And now, since Buddy had a new exam early in the morning the following day and now it was quite late and Leon's place was quite far away, they just did what they had done many other times in similar occasions: Leon stayed at Buddy's place for the night, sleeping on the couch.

As they stepped in Buddy's small dependance that Stan had (even too generously in Leon's eyes) entrusted him, Leon went to open the fridge and take himself a beer: the gnome didn't like that but too bad, he had to babysit so the least the midget could do was at least share refreshments. Pity the gnome's taste in alcohol was to laugh for.
"You should stop buying this piss and get yourself some real beer" Leon complained, opening nonetheless the bottle of beer and taking a long sip.

"Why? So you can steal it away from me? Thanks, I'll stick with the piss." Leon rolled his eyes annoyedly at Buddy's reply: it wasn't like he wasn't going to steal his beer anyway... Buddy, meanwhile, had sat on the sofa and started watching TV, the program wasn't bad but Leon just wasn't in the mood to have anything nice happening to him so, using his power, he took the controller away from his hand, sitting on the other side of the couch, and changed channel.

"Such a lovely guest, as always. May I have MY remote back, please?" Buddy asked with the usual sarcasm but obviously starting to get annoyed. "No, don't think so..." At Leon's lazy reply, Buddy simply took a new sip of beer and then for a few minutes in the room there was absolute silence except for the television. Until suddenly, without any warning, Leon slammed Buddy against the wall, using his power to take him away from the sofa, pinning him against the wall and looking at him with a furious look

"How many times do I fucking have to say it? Do NOT enter in my mind" and as he said so he made Buddy's head bump painfully against the wall, but that didn't stop him from chuckling and grinning cockily "Well, you did take away the remote, I had to find something to entertain myself..." he said with that sarcastic tone, gaining a new bump against the wall
"You know... that reeeally hurts!"
"It's gonna hurt a lot more if you don't learn to stick to your place, gnome"
"tsk... I really doubt that... unless, of course, you don't wanna explain that to Stan ..."
Everyone else would have probably just melted in front of the furious anger that was growing in Leon's eyes, if glances could kill then Buddy would have already died and possibly between terribly sufferings! But... Buddy was still grinning his annoying cocky grin, which made Leon only more angry

"Awww... you look so tense, Flash... you should try relaxing a bit... seek some stress relief..." Buddy kept teasing, even daring to pass a hand next to his crotch in a jokingly flirtatious way before bursting out laughing. That wasn't even the first time he had pretended to flirt with him. He was just so sure Leon wouldn't reply to such provocation, and he was getting cockier every time... but now Leon had had it.

"You wanna play, gnome? Fine. Let's play." he said so darkly he finally managed to see a hint of fear even in Buddy's eyes before he threw him toward the couch. Now he knew perfectly well, unluckily, Buddy's sexual tastes: it was quite hard not to know when he escorted him everywhere and the guy managed to get himself some company, male or female alike, and often using his power. He knew though, Buddy wasn't remotely interested in him: Buddy had found Leon's mind too hard to manipulate and Leon himself too bossy and too hard to deal with. The gnome thought that Leon wasn't interested either, he thought he was safe... well, he was wrong.

As Buddy found himself lying on the sofa, head up, he immediately tried to stand up but Leon was on him in no time, pushing him down and preventing his every movement
"Let me go, jerk!" Buddy hissed toward him
"No, I don't think I will..."
"Well, you have to. Stan wouldn't-"
"He said no more black eyes, well that's not gonna show..." he interrupted him, replying with a dark grin that managed to give a chill to Buddy. The smaller guy tried once again to wriggle away but any attempt was useless, Leon was too much stronger than him and then, all of a sudden, Leon's grin grew darker and using his power the taller guy quickly took Buddy's pants away, as well as his boxers.

"Ahah... What a cute little cock you have here" Leon commented mockingly, laughing, forcefully keeping his legs apart and staring down between his legs.
"Stop looking, you pervert!" Buddy shout out, still trying to wriggle away, but still to no use
"It's more like a big clitoris, isn't it?" Leon continued with his cruel teasing, knowing full well that the gnome was quite sensitive about his masculinity... well, lack of it, in Leon's eyes: the small ginger could act as tough as he wanted but that wasn't going to change the fact that he just looked more like a cute schoolgirl than like a man. Well, not like he was really that small down there, just enough to male it fun to mock him.
"It.. get's bigger..." Buddy was obviously fighting between the need to justify himself and the will to just send him ti fuck off, which amused Leon even more.
"Whatever, for a girly boy like you this really suits you!" He replied cruelly flicking his cock, making him hiss in pain.

"You got your fun, now just move." Buddy hissed again, but Leon had no intention whatsoever to obey: seeing the redhead so helpless all because of him was intoxicating.
"Got my fun? I just started..." he replied evilly, letting his hand caress his cock almost in a sensual way, just to humiliate him more, before he mercilessly and without any warning inserted a finger in his ass. And to his big surprise, Buddy's answer was a loud, unexpected moan that took by surprise the gnome as well, making Leon burst into a cruel laughter and Buddy look away, covering his face with one arm in shame. And to think that he had never even once heard the gnome groan in pain...
"Listen to yourself! Only girls squeal like this!"
"I-I get it, ok? Stop it already..." Buddy's reply was far more tame this time, almost a beg, trying not to groan more as Leon moved his finger in his ass. But as delightful as that was... it wasn't remotely enough for Leon.
"You really don't get it, do you?" Leon replied still in the same cruel tone, removing his finger from Buddy's ass "I'm not joking." he said coldly before quickly got rid of his own pants and, before Buddy could react, plunged in his ass with his cock, making the smaller guy cry out, he wasn't sure wether in pain or pleasure... maybe both...

Once Leon was inside Buddy, all the way to the hilt nonetheless, he stopped to enjoy for a moment the feeling and to look at Buddy's face: the gnome's cheeks had reddened a bit and for a moment he was absolutely speechless, just panting lightly.
"You really fuckin' put it in..." Buddy complained in a disbelieving tone, rubbing his forehead with one hand
"You piece of shit... you're really fucking raping me..." it was obvious he would have even been mad if he wasn't so shocked and powerless in that situation.
"Rape? Weren't you the one who kept making offerings?"
He teased cruelly, starting to move inside the guy, and quite roughly too, extorting him new moans, even though the ginger tried to stop himself.
"Beside... This is not exactly the reaction one should have when he's raped..." He said flicking again Buddy's now hard cock, making him hiss again.
"Getting turned on for my cock, gnome?" he kept teasing him, enjoying humiliating him possibly even more than fucking him!
"It's... just a reaction..." Buddy tried to defend himself, but he himself realised that was weak...
"You say that, but all you're doing is panting and moaning!" Leon whispered cruelly in his ear before he bit his earlobe. Then he moved out of him just to quickly slam back in once again, this time making Buddy even cum, much to Leon's delighted amusement and Buddy's discomfort.
"No way... you really just cum just from my cock?" he kept teasing without any mercy, even though Buddy was obviously more ashamed than he would like to admit.
"Please... enough already..." Buddy reluctantly begged Leon
"What are you saying? I haven't even cum yet!" the other replied in a low purr that sounded even quite threatening.

Before Buddy could do or say anything, Leon moved fast, pulling him up and turning him around, pushing him on his knees before he plunged into him once again, making him moan loudly once again and showing him no mercy.
It was the first time ever he saw the gnome in such a hopeless, helpless state, even willing to beg, something he had never see the little guy doing before then! But he had to admit that, even though he had started all this only to punish the guy, only to humiliate him... the situation was starting to get to him as well: without his sassy came backs, helplessly moaning like a girl with his cheeks heated up... Leon had to admit the gnome was even cute like that. But that only made him want to fuck with Buddy more.

He made him cum four more times without even touch his cock, fucking him in the most different positions before he finally cum as well, finally letting him lie down and catch his breath. Buddy was still panting heavily, totally unable to move, while Leon stood up, putting on his pants just to fish a cigarette and lighter from his pocket immediately after, getting closer to the window and starting to smoke.
Neither of them said a word, but before Leon was done with his cigarette Buddy had managed to recover enough strengths to stand up, put on his pants and close himself in his room.

On the following day, as Leon had to escort Buddy to his new exam, it almost looked like nothing had happened: Buddy was the usual little jerk, and between him and Leon there were the usual sassy witty and sarcastic comebacks, and neither of them mentioned what happened the night before.
Leon just let him take his damn exams and then escorted him to the new mission Stan wanted him to do: he took him to the place where Buddy usually operated and let him torture a new guy. They didn't even spend much time talking during the rest of the day but Leon still had to keep an eye on him and guard him during the whole day.

That evening Leon took him home as always, and normally, since there was no necessity to wake up early on the following morning again, he would have just left, but instead he went inside, much to Buddy's surprise and disappointment.

"Your memory might be failing you, and not because of me this time: I have nothing to do tomorrow morning so you can leave."
Buddy said in the usual sarcastic tone, faking disinterested when he actually was though quite irked and worried by the fact that Leon was still hanging around
"Awww... And I thought I could keep you company for a while..." Leon teased, faking a hurt tone while taking a beer from Buddy's fridge.
"I've seen your ugly face far more than enough today, so you're more than welcome to leave" Buddy's reply could now barely hide the worry and irk in his voice, which made Leon laugh
"You didn't seem to mind so much my ugly face yesterday..." he teased after taking a sip of beer.
Buddy tensed up immediately: it was the first time either of them acknowledged what had happened the night before, thing Buddy had almost hoped they could pretend hadn't happened. He could have tried to take the memory away from Leon... but the guy was mentally strong and that could turn out to be too much of a problem...

Now though... Buddy frowned: why was leon still here? What did he still want? He gulped, almost uncomfortable at what the answer to that might be...
Keeping quiet (for once) he moved toward his bedroom but Leon was quick and Buddy almost bumped into him, standing between him and the door
"What? Cat bit your tongue?" he asked mockingly
Buddy stepped back. He opened his mouth to reply but the closed it again. He didn't want to give the guy a reason to 'attack', and a look at Leon's face was enough to realise he was enjoying this: he had tried to subjugate Buddy since the beginning, and now it was evident he was sure he had found a way... dammit bastard!
Buddy turned around, moving toward the bathroom, but once again Leon stood in front of him with a cocky grin, stopping him from going any further.
Buddy grimaced in worry, frowning: the bastard was playing with him like a cat with a mouse! And he was just waiting for Buddy to give him a reason... for what... Buddy couldn't be sure but he had an idea...
he started slowly to walk backwards, and Leon followed him, moving at the same speed, amused, like curious to see what his intentions were...

As Buddy stepped inside his room, he tried to be quick and close his door, leaving Leon outside, but Leon was quicker and in no time Buddy found himself lying on the bed with Leon on top, an amused and lustful look in the blonde's eyes.
"Go fuck yourself!" the ginger hissed angrily and frustrated, trying to wriggle but to no success.
"I prefer to fuck you..." Leon's replied with a cocky and amused grin, quickly getting rid of Buddy's pants.

Worry and alarm finally showed on Buddy's face, he tried to wriggle away once more but again, Leon kept him easily in his place
"Let go... please..." he actually begged this time, making Leon only grin wider in satisfaction
"You have no idea how much I love to hear you begging like this..." he whispered before placing a rough kiss on Buddy's lips.
"Beside, you can even pretend you don't like it but you're enjoying this even more than I am..." he teased, passing just a finger on Buddy's hard shaft. Buddy couldn't keep a moan, making Leon laugh in cruel amusement: actually, Buddy himself was quite confused at his own reaction... while he despised what they were doing and he hated the blonde deeply, that was physically enjoyable as well, and well, that was just undeniable...
Well, even saying he hated the blonde was a bit too much, he had kinda started to enjoy his company, as much as an asshole he could be, but this... this just... this wasn't ok. Was it?
He didn't know anymore, but as Leon started fucking him, that didn't even matter anymore...

As time passed by, days at first, and then weeks and even months, having sex became a regular thing for Leon and Buddy, and Buddy was quick to abandon his first reticences: in the end, he just embraced the fact that he enjoyed having rough sex with Leon, and soon enough their relationship wasn't even a secret anymore.
Not like Buddy cared much. So people knew, big deal! That wasn't a matter. The real problem arrived only months later when feelings started sneaking in...
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Leon Kennedy


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PostSubject: Re: The first time {Buddy & Leon}   Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:43 am

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The first time {Buddy & Leon}
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