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PostSubject: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!   Thu Sep 10, 2015 4:10 pm

Hellow hellow lovely people!!!
This is announcement time!!!! Very Happy
So, first thing first I'm sorry if I've been less present lately but I moved back from the summer house and started seriously looking for a job and real life got intense and... well, sorry, I'm just being really busy x3

Anyway! I come to you all with many news Wink
1) The event!!! As you all know the first event will start today, and even though everyone is being busy in this period because of school and work I hope that many many of you will want to join <3 The event will last 2 weeks, but might be extended to 3 if needed. So stay tuned cause later today I'll start it Wink

2) News about the trainers!!! Well, we tried to make them characters, entrusting them to some roleplayares... but it didn't really work, now did it? Dw, I'm not blaming anyone here, it just didn't work, it's ok xP but at this point it's better have the trainers go back being NPCs, at least everyone will be free to use them in their plots. So, well, from now on the trainers are NPCs again! That means that if, lets' say you and another person want your character to train you can freely move the trainer as well.

2.2)Unluckily, Ylva decided to leave the rp v.v It won't surprise many of you, since she hasn't been able to be active almost at all, but now she decided to make it official.

3) Now, since there is a lot of work to do to keep the rp going and it's quite a lot for little old me, I decide to ask some help, so welcome to the admin team Meli/MSSProductions: she had the trainer Clarion, and now she'll get instead the co-headmaster Mirage.
So, she will be able to help agents no matter what division they are in, therefore she will be able to access all divisions, and also she will be able to create small task and events for the agents. In OOC, Meli will help me handling the game and try to create more activity x3

4) Now, just me and Meli are still a bit little to handle the game, so I'm still looking for new help! This kind of help, though, is just OOC help, what I need is not another admin with a master trainer character (though more positions might be open in future xP). For now what I want is moderators! That means someone who will take care of keeping some specific lists up to date, someone who can be active, someone who can help coming up with plots and someone who can answer stuffs.

5) Another point is, we all noticed how the rp has fallen a bit inactive and how many people have almost disappeared... Well, we have had summer vacation, now we are back to normal busy routine, this is kinda normal, but it's time to check who's still interested and who's not. I'll send a message to each and everyone of you, on everyone of your characters and on your YT account if you haven't been really around lately, and you'll have time until october 1st to reply to me and let me know if you are still interested in staying in the rp. If I don't receive an answer, then I'll assume you are not interested, and I'll delete your characters. Now you have to reply to me just once, no need to reply to every message, I'll just send all the messages to be sure you get it xP
So, remember, october 1st is an absolute deadline, if you are interested in the rp, reply asap when you get the message that I'll send between tomorrow and the day after Wink

6) Since, well, many people as we said disappeared and all that jazz... well, it's time to bring fresh meat to the rp!!! Very Happy So, time to start new auditions!!! While we get rid of the unused characters and make room for new people, you guys can make an audition video and advertise the rp to give it new life, I'll add the best ones on my channel advertising as well the channel of the person who made it Wink How does that sound? Very Happy
So, what should you do? Just follow those simple rules:
- Do a video of at least 30 sec.
- As final element of the video, add THIS IMAGE in the last 5 seconds of the video (so yes, your video can be 25 seconds + 5 seconds of image)
- Post your video as unlisted on Youtube and send the link to me in a pm to Milori's account, I'll tell you when you can publish it so we can open the new auditions all at once.
- Add to your video a small description that I shall give you (since it will have a link to it, I can't give it to you yet)
- Be creative with your video!
So, let's even give a deadline: october 15th! So come on guys and gals, let me have your vids!!!!!! Very Happy

7) I'm opening a thread for suggestions! What would you like to happen now? Do you have in mind some special event? Some special plot? Anything at all? Well, if so, share it with us! Very Happy
And here you can find the topic, just click here and share your ideas with us! Very Happy

8] We are getting rid of the levels!!!!!! Yes, you heard right!!!! The levels are now gone!!! You obviously still have to keep you characters's powers believable, but we are getting rid of the numbers cause, at the end of the day, there wasn't much use for them and cause it was just more work for the admins xP

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Karissa Breeze


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PostSubject: Re: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!   Thu Sep 10, 2015 7:29 pm

I did promo the original video around different forums. You know me, Ludo! Very Happy I love being active on all my RPs, including here since this one is my favorite. Very Happy Congrats Meli<3.
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Abigail Price


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PostSubject: Re: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!   Thu Sep 10, 2015 8:49 pm

yea quite a bit of people have not been online D:
was so much fun in the holiday, well I hope more get back! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!   Mon Sep 14, 2015 12:25 am

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PostSubject: Re: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!   

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