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Coraline Jones


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PostSubject: Re: FIRST EVENT - PART TWO - BETA TEAM   Sat Sep 26, 2015 2:39 pm

Coraline sighed when Victor pointed out the sign. “One would have thought they would make a bigger sign.” She said with her arms crossed. Well, that was quite sad, as it would have been an awesome plan. “Then let’s concentrate in defending it as much as possible.” She said, while Sunny transformed into his bird form. “Then, who’s staying?” She asked, to start working on a defense plan while the others started to look out for the enemy’s flag. What MK said only added to the list of bad news, as she wondered how they would work on a way to get rid of him. “Well, that’s pretty tough. Can you leave him physically tired? Like, knock him out and so he loses his concentration over the metal and you guys take the chance to run away with the flag?” She suggested, hoping there wasn’t a rule against that. Coraline shook her head at MK suggestion. “But if only both teams can be in the area, someone else who isn’t taking part of this would be.” However, it did give her an idea and she smirked. “Hey, when you go to look for the flag, also pay attention to see who isn’t in their defense team. Maybe MK can disguise herself as someone of their team who left, and say a lie like you decided that you would be more helpful there or something of the sort. Once you have fooled them, you can attack them from behind while Sunny and Zack get the flag.” She said excited, looking at MK. “What you think?”
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Mary Kathrine Bomba


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PostSubject: Re: FIRST EVENT - PART TWO - BETA TEAM   Sat Sep 26, 2015 5:54 pm

"Well, Riku claims that he has absolute control, but maybe he can be distracted if he physically disturbed?" MK replied while she scratched her chin with two of her fingers. She looked straight at Puck's eyes, then an little idea started to form in her head. "Maybe Puck could join us for the flag? She could crawl into Riku's pants or something?" She looked at Sunny to see if he was okay with that. She looked back at Coraline again when she told her about to change into one of the others at the other team. She nodded, it sounded more better. "I could do that," she said. She knew Karissa, but she didn't know how Vidia was like. If she was going to change her self into her, then she had to know more about her personality and such. "Claire, can you please tell me more about Vidia's personality? It would help me a lot if I'm going to change into her."
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