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 Aqua's Family History

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Aquamarine Deluna


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PostSubject: Aqua's Family History   Wed Sep 30, 2015 1:45 am

Aqua missed the ‘test’ that the EVE bots had encouraged them to take. She was not mentally prepared for something along those lines. She was sitting in her dorm room, staring at the computer screen in mute horror. She had done it. She had finally done it. The regret she felt knowing this now. She had finally found out who here parents were. Oh, how she wished she did not. She did not want to know this. She gave a dry heave over the side of her trashcan.

The computer screen was opened to a wanted poster. When she met the UN agent who had brought her to the school, she saw his memories, she got his access code to a secret UN page. She thought it was innocent enough, wanting to find out who her parents were. Oh how wrong she was, how much she wished she had never gone down that rabbit hole in the first place because now… Now there was no going back. She was stuck knowing things about herself she never wished to know.

Her father was a wanted criminal. The man was known for his psychic powers, namely his mental manipulation. He had used that power on her mother, making her believe she was in love with him. However, when her mother broke free of his control a UN agent stepped in and offered to take the child – Aqua herself. He vowed that Aqua would never meet her mother. That same agent tried to use her as bait for her father. It had been unsuccessful. That same agent kept her alone, unwanted and in the dark about her heritage. It had been the very director of the orphanage – the sole person who egged her on to go to the academy.

How much of her life had been planned like this? She had been nothing more than a pawn to everyone. The staff at the orphanage? To her own father? Her own mother had been so disgusted by what her father did that she had not wanted Aqua. Aqua could not blame her. The woman had been manipulated into thinking she loved this criminal. Her father later went and hunted down this woman, killing her in the most brutal way. The pictures were what made Aqua lose sleep. That poor woman, she never asked for any of this to happen to her. She just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her father just happened to pick her out of the fact he fancied her, altered her will and bent her mind to his own self benefit.

Worst yet, her father was still alive.

He had escaped UN custody and clutches time and time again. Each time he left destruction in his wake, either in a string of bodies or complete destruction of property. He had made a man drive his truck into a gas station – blowing it up. He made students go mad and take weapons to school grounds. He corrupted politicians. He instigated war for the sake of profit. Those were just a few things the UN did have documentation on. There were other incidents where they believed he had a hand in but had no proof to back it up. Death and destruction were done for his own self-interest. He did not care who got hurt or got caught in the crossfires of his war path. Her father was the worst man that there was on the earth.

Aqua heaved again. She had not anticipated such a violent physical reaction to these documents. Her hand slapped on at her computer a few times, minimizing the screens so she did not have to read about the article over the armed robbery in her father’s name. Why were men like her father allowed to live when so many people suffered at his hand? Why could not any of the UN agents get close enough to make sure he stopped being a threat once and for all?

Catching him on just one charge alone would have been enough to lock him away in prison. But even then no one was safe. He could convince the guards he was allowed out with a mental prodding. He could escape again and continue this bloodshed. No. The only way he would be stopped was if he was silenced once and for all. Aqua heard a soft sob escape her lips. She then warily looked around. Alisa was not around. That was good. She did not think she could handle breaking down – again – in front of her roommate.

This place was supposed to be Aqua’s chance to start over. Why did they even accept her to the academy if they knew who her father was? Was it to keep her under watch? Was it to make sure she did not end up like him? Was it to make sure that if she did, there were people nearby to eliminate her? She thought about all the other students on campus. There were ways for them to control her, kill her, and stop her. Information was a powerful thing. The thought of being silenced because she knew too much… It left her feeling afraid of her own safety.

Then again, she knew too much all ready. She had personal intimate details on quite a few of the students. Kadaj, Cloud, and Abigail. It had been accidents in most cases but she still knew. If she so chose to, she could ruin their lives the way her father ruined her mother’s. With the information she had on them, no one would ever want to hire them. No one would ever want to be around them. No one would trust them. She made a face. Not for the first time did she doubt using her abilities. She thought she could use this ‘curse’ for something good. How could she do that when she was the one using her powers on her classmates and future co-workers?

"I'm a monster." Aqua whispered.
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Aqua's Family History
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