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 Bryony Shelfley

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Bryony Shelfley


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PostSubject: Bryony Shelfley   Fri May 22, 2015 2:13 am

Bryony Shelfley.

Bryony Shelfley (Arthur Christmas)


Family members:
Parents, two siblings, affiliated with none.

BCM (Biological Control and Manipulation)

Wood manipulation.

Description of superpower:
Bryony more or less specializes on moving wood and wood-based objects at the highest speed possible. The lighter they are, the faster she can send them flying. She can not cause things to grow whether it be in size or plant-wise.

Bryony has two different sides of her personality. It's not that she has anything like split-personality disorder, just that she has the side of herself she likes to show off and the side she doesn't like to. To most she is an eager-to-please puppy dog, complete with the big round eyes. She is easily excitable about things she cares about. Mostly Christmas. She likes to talk to people and get to know them, although she won't likely be the one to approach the person first. Having been taught a very strict set of rules from an early age, she follows them even now. One of these rules is respecting higher-ups and not speaking unless spoken to. With the low opinion she has of herself, she views everyone as a 'superior' so approaching them first would be disrespectful. That said, people would still call her outgoing. She will always voice her opinions if she feels like they are wanted and sometimes even if they aren't wanted. Some people might find her a tad annoying because of her enthusiasm, but she's okay with that. If they don't like her the way she is, that isn't her problem. She has this opinion about most everything in her life. She's no longer gonna change herself for other people. This is the part of herself that she likes and want other people to notice and appreciate. The other part of herself is carried over from her childhood as a kid soldier. A strict, militant, no-nonsense attitude that she rarely acts on unless intimidated by authority or on her own, surrounded by people she doesn't care about seeing her grumpy. This side of herself is extremely logical and takes very little into account about other people and things around her. In other words, in this mood she doesn't care about collateral damage, something she had to pound into herself originally. She also becomes more violent and snappy. A simple word can make her angry. But, again, she doesn't like to have this mood in places around people she knows and cares about. Usually, this is just her in her room talking to herself and swearing her head off as she tries to style her hair just right.

Bryony was born into a pretty normal family. She had two sisters and a mom and dad. They lived a quiet life, not rich, but not poor. The only thing not glaringly normal about them was their summer trips. They went to countries no one had heard of in environments no one wanted to visit. Someone in their family was bound to get hurt eventually and it turned out to be her. Kidnapped and sold, she found herself in a jungle country eventually. There she was purchased to become a child soldier after the rather impressive reveal of her abilities where she was pushed to the limit of a normal 8 year old. She became their 'secret weapon' so to speak even though she wasn't the only one with special abilities in the makeshift revolutionary army. Before long, she had retreated into herself and been conditioned to do exactly as told. She didn't think of killing as bad, but she didn't think of it as a good thing, either. To be honest, she barely understood what she was doing. They handed her sharpened sticks and she chucked them as far and as fast as she could into the enemy's throat because that was what you did with sticks, right? The enemies weren't people, they were things. Of course, people aren't going to believe that for long. When she was fourteen she looked in the mirror, covered in red-tinted dirt, and realized what death was. Running out into the battlefield, she tripped on the dead body of a child, younger than her. She was horrified by herself and the people around her. Afterwards she got in her first argument with the leader of their group and demanded to be allowed to leave. This obviously didn't happen. But she was still desperate. She reached out to the other people with powers in her group and told them about what death really was and how they truly were terrible people. The entire group of young soldiers escaped by some miracle of faith. They all went their separate ways not willing or not able to stay in touch with each other. Bryony doesn't know where the others went--perhaps they're dead--but she went back to Trelew. While she located her family, she didn't go back to them. She didn't really remember them and she was sure they didn't want a weapon for a daughter. She worked at multiple gas stations, moving all over the United Kingdom until eventually she heard of Elite. Elite made her wary. In her experience not only was fighting bad for children, but those with powers were treated as weapons and nothing more. Even though the service is voluntary and not all of them are very young, she still decided to join really to keep watch on what was going on there. Whether or not there's a problem with them, she's not sure, but she will make sure to save anyone if there is, even though she may have to go back on the battlefield.

-   Born in Trelew, Cornwall.
-   Loves the Christmas holidays and everything to do with it.
-   Pinterest is her life.
-   Has a grand total of zero contacts on her phone, but plenty of music and apps.
-   Reacts poorly to loud noises, often screaming and jumping. She's been known to grab people and duck down for cover with them, too.
-   Has a tattoo of a small jingle bell on the inside of her right ankle.
-   Doesn't use real swear words much, but does like to use a lot of placeholder swearwords, particularly 'elf' and 'baubles'.
-   Actually cares quite a bit about her appearance. She likes to look neat and tidy.
-   Still rather likes her soldier's uniform and wears it almost daily.
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Bryony Shelfley
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