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 Reno Sinclair

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Reno Sinclair


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PostSubject: Reno Sinclair   Mon May 25, 2015 11:06 pm

Complete Name:
Reno Cecil Sinclair

Reno (Final Fantasy VII)


Family members:

PSA (Physical strength and attributes)

Accelerated Healing/Regeneration

Description of superpower:
Reno can rapidly heal from any external injury, though of course it also depends on how serious or grave it is. A smaller wound would for example heal itself much quicker than a bigger flesh wound. The healing process, depedning on how severe it is or Reno’s condition, can take all from one 1 minute up to a couple of weeks. However, Reno’s not in control of his abilites, as his body seems to constantly be healing itself. He therefor rarely ever gets sick, but the side-effects to this is having his life-spawn shortend instead.

Cocky, cynical, cunning, street-smart and somewhat lazy, but can still be really friendly towards people. Depending on his mood, Reno can either be a cruel prankster only looking for trouble and exctiment, or a more gentle jockster who wouldn’t mind having others laugh along with him. Despite his appearance and attitude, Reno is a hard worker, a proffesional at the things he likes and does best. However, his most known traits is the the sly and rebellious temperament of his, along with his actions that can be sadistic, contrasting his laid back and for the most part relaxed personality.

All Reno’s ever known growing up, were the darker and crueler part of the world. His birthplace and childhood home being in the slums. His mother got pregnant at the age of 17, but instead of getting support from her parents, they disowned her and threw her out of the house. Reno’s father however, who were a couple of years older, had taken her with him, determined to take responsability and take care of them both. Even with their poor condition, and barely gaining enough money to support themselves, the couple were excited for their children to come, they were awaiting twins, and they made most of what they had. But then Reno’s mother got into a car accident, right before she would’ve given birth. She survied, but ended up parlyzed from the waist down, along with losing one of her newborn sons. In a miraculous way, one of the twins had made it. Years passed, gone where that small trail of happiness keeping his parents in high spirits, replaced with cruel reality and unforgiving life. Reno was aware of his little ’gift’ rather early on in life, but never brought up to his parents. His father grew more distant with time, and though he tried to be a good dad and husband at first, he eventually turned to the alcohol to drown his depresstion. He quit his poor excuse of a job when it couldn’t support their fmaily anymore, and began to work as drugdealer. It was of no surprise to Reno when his father grew more viloent, or when he started to turn all of his pent up frustration on him. His mother’s only real concern, while living off on pills or drugs for her own pain and despression, was only for Reno to finish school, and make something out of himself, something better than his parents ever were. He really tried, beacuse finishing shcool would at least make his mother a bit happpy, but staying out of trouble in certain areas with certain people, was easier said than done. And Reno knew that if he didn’t fight back they’ll just keep comming back. With all the warnings he recived from shcool, it’s quite amazing he didn’t get suspesned. Still, witht he lifestyle they had, it was near impossible to not attract the wrong kind of people’s attention. As his mother’s condition worsend, and his father spending less time at home, Reno became desperate, almost ready to do anyhing to earn money, even if it meant breaking the promise of finishing shcool. He became involved with not only drug dealers, but gangs as well. He began as an sort of errand boy, his ability to move fast and unnoticed while knowing all the secret shortcuts and passages around the city was of good use. And with his powers, Reno was hardly ever afraid, believing himself for a while that he had nothing to truly fear. Until a certain incident with his parents one night, involving a violent fight lacking no bloodshed or trauma, broke out. Whatever happened that night, Reno never as much as mentioned. He stuck around the criminal gang he had gotten acquainted with, and made his way up the ranks among them. One would think he enjoyed this kind of life, which maybe he truly did most part of it. The pay was good, and he would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy the thrill he got out of it. But then, one day, Reno just decided to quit. Giving no more explanation to his boss than a ’It got boring’. Of course he knew you couldn't just walk away from this, not with your life intact. But once again, Reno had his convenient powers to thank for as an escape from his old life, and as a step towards a new lifestyle.

-Has a penchant for gossiping
-A competent helicopter pilot (or of any vehicle that flies)
-Flunet in spanish, and knows the basics in portuguese
-Has a secret fear of clowns
-Spoiled people are his least favourite kind of people
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Reno Sinclair
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